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Why Choose Life Chiropractic?

Our success in the treatment of Back pain, Neck pain and many other joint conditions comes from our three fold approach.

Finding out what is wrong;
We take time and apply clinical expertise to pinpoint the cause of your problem during your initial Chiropractic consultation. These findings are then thoroughly explained to you during your second visit.

Creating a multidisciplinary treatment plan tailored for you, to address all aspects of your complaint;
The majority of back and neck pain involves more than one anatomical structure and will be caused by more than one factor.

One of our Chiropractors will create a treatment plan for you that addresses all elements of your complaint, giving you the greatest likelihood of a successful outcome.  The joints of your spine will be treated via Chiropractic Adjustments, the surrounding muscles and soft tissues via massage therapy, and the long term strength of your spine will be improved by teaching you focused rehabilitative exercises.  Lifestyle and wellness advice related to posture, diet and supplements will also be given to improve your overall health and provide the best environment for you to remain pain free and ready to live life to the full.

Monitoring your progress along the way
Within our treatment plans we allocate time to reassess your complaint and adjust your treatments if necessary in order to ensure you are making the most progress possible.  Our multidisciplinary team is the key to our success.  Having a large group of practitioners creates a vibrant professional environment and allows us to invest in continuous training as well as ongoing investment in the latest technology to ensure we can offer the most up to date expertise and consequently the best possible care for our patients.

Our chiropractors use a three-fold treatment approach providing pain relief, corrective care and long-term wellness care. Spinal adjustments are safe, gentle, specific treatments to free joints in the spine and extremities to restore their normal function. The result is an increase in mobility, decrease in any pain or discomfort and removal of irritation of the nerves with a wide range of health benefits.

Your Initial Consultation.

We take time and apply clinical expertise to pinpoint the cause of your problem during your initial Chiropractic consultation.

These findings are then explained during your report of findings.

Our clients are our priority

Life Chiropractic Clinics are proud to be the largest group of chiropractic clinics across Essex with state-of-the-art professional facilities – situated in Rayleigh, Wickford, Basildon and Southend-on-sea. Our services include chiropractic care, rehabilitation therapy and massage therapy. We offer same day appointments for when you need us most with evening and weekend appointments available to fit around you and your lifestyle.

Our priority is to provide the highest standard of all-encompassing client focused care. Our highly qualified and experienced practitioners will explain all aspects of your diagnosis and treatment. We specialise in the treatment of spinal related complaints such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches and migraines, arthritic pain and posture pains.

What our clients have to say.

Watch and listen to a selection of stories from the people and families we have helped continue doing the things they love most in life.