Begin your health journey.


Address your back pain, neck pain, headaches and other spinal-related
conditions at our chiropractic
clinics throughout Essex.


Begin your health journey.

Address your back pain, neck pain, headaches and other spinal-related
conditions at our exceptional chiropractic clinics throughout Essex.

You take the step – we do the rest!

By providing an accurate diagnosis we adopt a multidisciplinary approach for optimal results.

Our Chiropractors in Essex tackle all aspects of your condition, our expert chiropractors utilise our state-of-the-art X-ray facilities, neurological and orthopaedic tests and postural analysis to diagnose the root cause of your back pain.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic adjustments, also known as spinal manipulations, are specialised techniques used by our Chiropractors in Essex to address misalignments or subluxations in the spine and other joints throughout the body.

These misalignments can occur due to various factors such as poor posture, trauma, repetitive stress, or degenerative changes. The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to correct these misalignments, restore proper alignment, and enhance the function of the affected joints.

When a chiropractor performs an adjustment, they apply controlled force to the specific joint or vertebra that needs realignment. The adjustment can help to increase joint mobility, reduce tension in surrounding muscles and tissues, and improve the overall biomechanical function of the joint. Additionally, it can have a positive impact on the nervous system by relieving pressure on nerves, which may have been affected by the misalignment.

By restoring proper alignment and function to the joints, chiropractic adjustments can promote pain relief, enhance range of motion, and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our clients throughout Essex find relief from conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other musculoskeletal issues through regular chiropractic adjustments. It’s important to note that chiropractic adjustments should be performed by a licensed and skilled chiropractor based on a thorough evaluation and assessment of each clients individual condition.

Hear from one of our chiropractors

Dr. Stefan explains how chiropractic is a great way to look after your overall wellbeing.

Your health journey

We have a simple 5 step journey to your care with us, here is what to expect.

Life Chiropractic Clinics
Based on 1101 reviews
When I first visited the clinic I was in excruciating pain; after the very first treatment with Dr. Uri Feldinger, I felt such a relief. The ladies at reception couldn’t be more welcoming. Thank you to all of you for reassuring me at this time of distress. I’m really looking forward to continuing the treatment to improve my condition.
Thanks to Aaron my sciatica is sooo much better. In fact lately I’ve no pain at all. Long may it continue! Well rounded care including adjustments and aftercare exercises and advice! Highly recommended!
I first attended this clinic on the recommendation of my Aunt, to hear a free talk on managing fibromyalgia, which we have both, independently, been diagnosed with.My Aunt, who lives in Wickford, was already a client and was full of praise for how much the team know about fibromyalgia and how effective the treatment has been at improving her mobility.I found the talk very interesting and was impressed by the knowledgeable and friendly staff. The clinic was also well presented.L at the end of the talk, those presented were given an option of booking an initial consultation, x-rays and first treatment for only £50, which I thought was worth doing, purely for the x-rays alone.I duly booked and was pleased to learn my spine is in pretty good shape, but I still opted to sign up for a full course of treatment, despite living a 35-40 minute drive away because I want to sort out the minor issues now, whilst I’m still fairly healthy, plus I have ADHD so I pretty much signed up on impulse, even though treatment is very expensive!🤣Sessions cost £50 (but comes down to £43 on the treatment plan) and an adjustment is only 10 minutes, so, if you don’t really need it because your spine is actually okay, you might be better off investing in a 30 minute sports / deep tissue massage once or twice a week.That being said, the knots in my neck / collar bone area are definitely getting looser and I’m more focused on my posture, which helps.The staff are also brilliant abs they actually listen to you and make you feel heard and validated.They’ve really helped my parental Aunt, who is quite a bit older than me and does have much more severe symptoms, so I do believe the treatment works and is not just a pseudoscience health treatment. I can feel the difference in my neck and I think, when I move on to the massage sessions (after a number of adjustment sessions, you switch between adjustment one visit and a 30 minute massage the next), I will notice even more improvements as I think that’s what will have the greatest impact on my lower back.Additionally, my maternal Great Uncle is a client of the Rayleigh clinic and he was also massively helped by them when he had an issue and physio via the NHS wasn’t doing anything.Once I’ve completed my course of treatment, I think I’ll find a chiropractor nearer to me (I live in Hornchurch), but for now, I’m very happy with the treatment and service.It’s also good that I’m coming to Wickford every week so I’m going on to visit my maternal Grandmother in Rayleigh, which is a good thing as I didn’t see enough of her before. Funnily enough, I’m trying to convince her to sign up for treatment as well as she has a shoulder issue at present which isn’t getting any better.FYI. Not only does this clinic specialise in treating patients with fibromyalgia, they also treat babies and those with disabilities and the clinic is accessible for wheelchair users, with reasonable amounts of parking on site, including wider bays marked for disabled users.It’s also nice and calm in there so ideal for people with sensory issues.All areas of the clinic are clean and tidy and toilets are a decent size.#fibromyalgia #chiropractic #wickford
Fantastic service and makes a great difference to mobility and comfort.5 years ago I was told by my GP I needed hip surgery and the hospital consultant x-rayed me and agreed. I couldnt walk a mile without a lot of pain. I explored alternatives and thanks to some basic treatment and advice on a regime from Dr Alex and Matt I achieved my goal to return to my happy place in the Lakes last week with my boys enjoying a 99% pain free hike. So far so good avoiding surgery!!
Felt good as soon as I walked into the Clinic. A fantastic experience with the team in Christchurch. All very professional and friendly, would highly recommend.
Currently receiving treatment, and have had such a positive experience so far.All the staff are professional and polite, the app is super useful and my chiropractor Jean-Luke really knows his stuff! I'm already feeling relief from just a few adjustments. Would recommend!
Had a wonderful experience, I was handled carefully and respectfully. Nice staffs
This time last year my lower back was causing me so much pain,I went to the doctor who informed me that I would just have to manage the pain. I found Life chiropractic on line and what a god send . The staff are professional friendly and very understanding they have managed to get me from barely walking to going back to the gym ,back to the golf course and back to work. What a brilliant find ,with a fantastic team. Thank you
Always a very happy vibe, and everyone is very helpful, the two people i see are Sami and Ben, they are extremely good and friendly, would recommend anyone seeking help to go and have a chat with them.
Great chiropractors
Staff are personable, professional and helpful. I'm very impressed with the service so far, and I travel up specifically to use this branch for that very reason. Just to name the staff I encountered; Karl - masseuse, James - Chiropractor, Jooles and Nicola from reception.
Staff are nice and friendly, worked wonders on my back, would 100% recommend to anyome
Wonderful, friendly and professional experience. I’ve suffered with headaches for a long time and as soon as I have an adjustment the pain just disappears. All the staff are really knowledgeable and helpful. Completely worth the money and they’re so efficient I can even pop in on my lunch break!
What an amazing place!!! The minute you walk in you are welcomed by the loveliest reception team I have ever come across with, super friendly and helpful. I had a hip issue for almost 2 years and it started effecting my sleep, my ability to exercise and even got to a point where I couldn't sit on a chair while having a meal for more than 30 min without being in pain and having to reshuffle or stand up and have a little walk. Dr Jean-Luke is the best 🙂 after almost 3 months of regular visits my pain is almost gone, I can sleep better, I can exercise and have dinner at the table without being in pain 🥳🥳🥳 I can't thank him enough, I had two long flights (12+ hours) recently and had no pain or any discomfort whatsoever. I will be forever grateful 😁 Thank you.
Very welcoming
Suffered from lower back pain for a long while. Gave Life Chiropractic a call and had an assessment. Everyone makes you feel so welcome. The ladies on reception are amazing and Chrisstian has done an amazing job. Much more flexibility, no pain and sleeping so much better. Absolute miracle worker. Thank you everyone for your help
Fantastic experience with the team at Life Chiro in Wickford. Treatment with Sami is top drawer and Jooles and the team are always really friendly. Will always recommend!
Excellent service
I have been suffering from a herniated disc for a while, went to see Chrisstian and it was amazing ! The relief after the treatment has been really good! I will definitely recommend and will come back
Helped me primarily with an injury but have helped me improve my posture and helped minimise new injuries
Professional and friendly staff.
Absolutely brilliant service, I have been attending for several.years for spinal adjustments, and more recently having Physio for issues with Hamstrings and my hips.All the staff be it clinical or non clinical are so friendly and helpful, everyone is so invested in your health and wellbeing, not just physical but mentally as well.Thank you so much everyone, you have made such a difference to my quality of life.
I’ve been super impressed with Life Chairopratic. From the really friendly reception team who make you feel welcome to the excellent care from John-Luke and Carly. I’ve noticed significant improvement in my mobility and have been really impressed with the structured exercise program to ensure I achieve the best possible results.Nathan
I've been going to Life for nearly 15yrs, every 6 weeks without fail! Lucy is amazing, without her I doubt I would be walking around! She has helped my back and neck problems more than any NHS Dr and she's so knowledgeable and easy going! The ladies on the front desk always have a smile for their patients and are friendly and approachable!Thank you to all at Life for making my life a bit easier!
Always had a good experience with Lofe Chiropractic Clinic Wickford. Friendly, helpful and competent staff.
I am totally in awe of the treatment provided at the Wickford clinic. From the moment I came through the door, it felt such a positive & caring place. All the staff are courteous, polite & genuinely thoughtful. I have just finished a course of 18 sessions with James who is a total professional genius & understands everything you raise with him. The treatments have worked miracles & I have never felt so well cared for in my entire life & for that alone I will always be grateful 🙂 I know we only go there when theres something not quite right, but its the kinda club you really want to continue being a member with!!
Do I have a back problem? No! Because I have regular spinal maintenance.It's the one bit of advice I would give to my young self if time travelling was possible.Absolutely invaluable!
Identified what was causing my back pain and have been receiving adjustments to make it better.
Absolutely fantastic Staff and special recognition to Yenei for repositioning of my back. Special thanks to Karl for deep massaging appointments which is highly recommended. After 10 weeks of Bupa treatments i came away with more pain then i went in with but my posture/pain and generally everything else now has been resolved and i would not want to go to anywhere else. Money well spent. Receptionists are always friendly and polite and finally free coffee is always a winner in my book. Thank you Thank you Thank you 5⭐️
The great band of people who look after me. Always friendly and helpful
Dr Alex was FANTASTIC at helping us with our 18month old who was had tummy issues/tight hips and we had the best results sorting those issues. All the staff were ever so friendly & helpful and we cannot recommend enough!
I had 12 sessions with James and am now pain free. I'm glad I was recommended to him. Everyone at the practice is so friendly. The atmosphere at the place gives you confidence. Thank you everyone especially to James
Totally recommend Life Chiropractic Wickford. True professionals from start to finish of treatment.
I've been a couple of times for treatment and the staff have been very helpful and specially the manager. The treatment is very good specially Tom. I would recommend this chiropractic
Have been going here for a couple of years after having really bad back pain and unable to move. Within a few sessions I was feeling better! All the staff are really helpful and friendly. They know who you are as you walk through the door which makes you feel very comfortable. Would recommend to anyone!
I am halfway through my course of treatments and find I am feeling so much better. Every one at Life is so very helpful. I would highly recommend them.
Great place! Been coming for a little while and have seen so many improvements!Sami is great and very friendly, always happy and chatty. Always happy to answer any questions you have during treatment.The receptionist are lovely and kind and always give a warm welcome when you arrive.Overall a great place! Plus free hot drinks 😁
Been attending life chiropractors for a couple of years now and I wouldn't go any where else. The staff are lovely and friendly and they do wonders for my back and neck, definitely would recommend them.
Review from Sylvia Abbott.I cannot even begin to say how wonderful I have found this clinic and all of the staff. Firstly I have been welcomed by the most friendly ladies on reception on every visit. Then for my treatment I have been seen by both Yenei and Ben who have both been absolutely wonderful. They are both friendly and go beyond to ensure that I feel comfortable and that everything is explained to me. The relief from migraines and a shoulder injury has been significant and I am so grateful to of found them both. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.Thank you.
Eyal and Sarah have attended to my treatments and i can’t praise them enough, I first walked in September 23 using a stick infront of me to drag my body forward, every step was excruciating pain, to being able to walk out of here after the first appointment ( very unexpected) they laid out my treatment programme, both Sarah my masseuse and Eyal were exceptional, I’m now back to normal , I was able to play football on the beach last week with the kidsI’ve also have to mention the very helpful receptionists on hand-Nellie Bettie. ClairI’ve had to change a few appointments and they were very helpful and respectful , sometimes cancel at short noticeI can’t thank your team enough for my care
I have been visiting Dr. Brandon for the last week with a tremendously painful bad back. Could hardly walk because of pain. Now just one week in I sit and walk comfortably I am in Awe! With forthcoming appointments I am confident I will be mended. Huge thank you Brandon, what would I do without you? Would recommend this Clinic to all. Incidently all staff are so friendly and welcoming it's a pleasure to go.
So friendly and professional.... I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect, but the team at life wickford are outstanding, I Would definitely recommend. Amazing what they can do with a bad back.
Been going for 6 weeks now. Already feel so much more mobile and balanced. Dr Brandon is spot on with how professional he is. His knowledge is incredible and you go in with any specific issues one week to another, he will focus on that and get it sorted and everytime the next day It would have eased. I went in with constant headaches and I haven’t had a headache for 4 weeks now. I feel so much more confident now where I know my posture is so much better, standing more square and sitting more upright.Thank you Dr Brandon and Life Chiropractic Clinic - Christchurch
I have been attending for around 6 months after severe lower back pain for the last year, nothing but god things to say about yenei and the whole team. Thanks to them, i no longer suffer with lower back pain. Yenie has really changed things around for me.
I have fibromyalgia and am in constant pain. The team at Life Chiro in Wickford has been great explaining everything, working on my entire body over several months now. Following Xrays with them, which were never carried out by my health care professionals previously, it was discovered that I had a curved spine and compressed discs. Yenei worked tirelessly to assist with this and, over time, realigned me so that my left and right sides were the same height and Ben worked on my physio. They listen, ask questions, and are very attentive. The lovely reception staff are welcoming, and nothing is too much trouble. Thank you to all who have been involved in my ongoing treatment to help me get through some really difficult and painful times. Jules
Would have given 5 stars if it weren't for the excessive form filling and spam texting! Treatment was excellent which cured a relative's sciatica. No complaints there. But the forms we were given to fill out were unnecessary I felt, as was much of the text messages I received, even though I'm not the patient! Although I was told intially it was purely for text reminders of forthcoming appointments, it turned out to be more than that, into what I would call spam! Stick to actual treatment and forget all the other nonsense, would be my advice to this company.
A great team who are always keen to help, with a special shout-out to John-Luke & Matt!I’d recommend visiting them for any chiropractic issues.
Lovely welcoming and friendly place. Very helpful and polite staff. Really helped me with my back problems and my neck stiffness. Well worth the money and Callum is so professional and helpful so highly recommend coming here.
Very friendly staff always welcoming. Been under Brandon's care for around 1 and a half years now on maintenance program that keeps my body moving well for the sports I enjoy playing. 10/10 would recommend!!!
I'm having treatment for 3 months with Dr. Aaron and Matt and it's being amazing the results that the adjustments and sport massages are having on my back.They are both genuinely interested in the patient and are so friendly you feel relaxed as soon as you are inside the roomIn fact, the whole team makes the chiropractic journey so good at the Life Chiropractic Christchurch. Erica, Harriet and Alicia brightens the day with their smiles.I would certainly recommend!
They are amazing, doctor Brandon and Carly did great job, finally after a few years I don't need to take painkillers, I don't feel any pain.This is outstanding pleace
Booked in with Brandon, very thorough and very well explained on treatment plans, issues and what to expect for recovery times. Great service and very approachable.
Been coming here for nearly 2 years now! I always see Tom and he’s so lovely! All the staff here are second to none! Always gives me a warm welcome when I arrive!FANTASTIC!
Amazing since coming to life and seeing John Luke I had no sciatica or back pain so happy and lovely staff
Alex has been treating my lower back and i can’t fault him - i even enjoy our chats. I also have deep oscillation from Carly which has had such a positive impact on my back too.
Been seeing Dr Alex for nearly a year now. From adjustments to stretches and exercises, every step along the way he has helped me with my mobility and overall back pain. I have always suffered from lower my back, but since starting with Life Chiropractic, everything has been so much easier.
I've been seeing Dr Alex for a month now and wow what a difference. 2 kids and family life had definitely taken its toll but along with Matt I am starting to feel so much better. Cannot recommend enough.Thank you
Excellent communication from the receptionists regarding appointments, they are welcoming and understanding. Great people behind the front desk.Dr. Alex is to be commended, he is a brilliant Chiropractor with a passion to help and explains things succinctly and plainly, wonderful bloke all around.
I have been going for a year, Alexander has been very attentive and always friendly during the visits and i look foward to seeing him every session 🙂
Have been seeing Alex and Matt for treatment on my shoulder and it's so much better now. Have already recommended them to others that now go and they feel better for it.
Yet again Alex has worked his magic , cannot recommend him enough.
Well where do I start I'm Liz a lady who had severe lower back pain because of my pelvis. I then met Aaron a lovely man who has got me back to being Liz again no pain.Aaron explains everything he is very pleasant. When I had an accident at work he made sure he was waiting for me early evening where from not walking correctly to walking out of Life. Can't thank Aaron enough. Even though I'm good now I will continue to see Aaron so I can work, enjoy and be me.Thankyou Aaron
I have had about 6 treatments with Dr Aaron. At each appointment he has been on time extremely polite and with each visit my back has felt much improved.All the staff at the practice are extremely kind and helpful and make you feel welcome.I highly recommend Life Chiropractic Clinic.
Dr Brandon always makes me feel at ease and is very professional. He treats you like a friend and always happy to see you.
Brought my elderly mum here as an emergency on a Saturday morning, the staff couldn’t do enough to make her feel welcome and as comfortable as possible. James has worked miracles with her shoulder.Fantastic team and highly recommend.
Alex and Carly are so professional and have worked wonders on my neck and back. They’re also really friendly, and I enjoy seeing them not only to relieve my pain, but also to have a nice chat! Would definitely recommend both Alex and Carly to anyone needing chiropractic care.
At 87 years I put my back pain down to old age until I joined Life Chiropractic Christchurch andDr Brandon adjusted my spine.Now I am back to how I used to be and enjoying life without pain or walking sticks.Thank you Dr Brandon for a new lease of live!
Dr Alex is amazing - would highly recommend to anyone I trust him completely - I also see Carly for massage - she’s equally amazing - so grateful to them both for making me feel so much better
I could hardly walk when I first came in but after 2-3 weeks of treatments with Jayden my walking improved tremendously! He listened to my problems and really helped me to understand what the problem was. Great guy!All the staff especially Nelly are so welcoming & helpful. X
I’m really glad that I was recommended Life Chiro. I’ve been seeing Brandon now for over a year, and he has revolutionised my posture, and has cured a long standing painful neck.Thanks to all the friendly team, but especially Brandon.
After going to a chiropractor for 2 yrs, I decided to try the life practice, after my review with Brandon who was very good explaining everything about the xrays I had and the way forward with treatments I was happy to go ahead, I did at first feel in another of pain but from previous experience I knew this was going to happen,the massages with Carly really do help and this week I really feel I have turned a corner and back on the road to where I was I highly recommend both Brandon and Carly
I have recently been working with Alex on some back pain I’ve been having, and I can’t recommend him or the clinic enough. I’d just learnt to live with the pain assuming it was normal but Alex quickly assured me it wasn’t and that we can fix it. I’ve only been going for a few weeks but already my pain has massively reduced and I’m just annoyed I didn’t start this journey sooner. Alex and everyone else at the clinic is incredibly professional and helpful and really patient in answering any questions I’ve had. As mentioned above I can’t recommend it enough. I encourage anyone who is considering booking an appointment to not put it off any longer. You won’t regret it.
I've been going to Life to see Dr Alex for over a year now. I'm currently going through maintenance to help with the demands of the sports that I take part in. I find this really helps my performance during matches and to make sure my body is healthy, recovers well, and any niggles can be sorted.Great and friendly reception staff who are always happy to greet you with a smile. Professional and knowledgeable chiropractors who always listen and are happy to help.Value for money. I would definitely recommend!
I’ve been receiving treatment at Life chiropractic for 6 months now and I always leave feeling better than when I went it. Dr Alex and Matt are always friendly and professional and have given me so much relief and confidence again, so grateful for all the help from them both. The reception team are always so polite and welcoming too ☺️ Definitely recommend this lovely clinic!
Brandon great done the trick with me!
I've been going to Life Chiropractic for 2 years now. Dr Brandon and Matt have been looking after me, and they are absolutely brilliant! The difference they've made for me is amazing. I experience significantly less pain, especially in my hips. The rest of the team are lovely too, the reception team are always so warm and welcoming, it feels like visiting family at this point. Personalised care is always provided, Brandon and Matt listen well and focus on the problem areas. Cannot recommend enough!!
Fantastic clinic! Exceptional first assessment X-Ray and follow on diagnosis appointment. I have had chiropractic treatment for over 45 years but the amount of information and care given in the Christchurch clinic is second to none. Dr Brandon is not only a very competent and professional clinician but he’s a really lovely chap too! The reception staff are also lovely…friendly and very helpful! I can’t recommend this client if highly enough!Tracey Dwight
Really lovely staff and place. Very welcoming and friendly. Went through many doctors appointments with no luck. Decided to go to Life Chiropractic and it’s the best decision I made. The X-rays showed why I was in such agony and Dr Brandon is working to fix it straight away. Very happy with this place:) Will recommend to everyone!
Dr Brendan and Matt have both been brilliant. Very professional and reassuring especially about the adjustment that they make. I've have great results so far with massive reductions in headaches and back pain.All the reception staff are super friendly too!
Brandon has been amazing at helping me stop pain in my lower back, I couldn’t recommend him more for any issue you have he will definitely get it sorted, I’ve recommended him too people at my gym who are having problem's and the team at Life have helped them all
I had been complaining about neck and shoulder pain for a few years and had put it down to stress and turning 50. I had also noticed a slight hump at the top of my shoulders where my neck began, which really concerned me and made me feel old. I knew it was probably down to bad posture from modern living (looking down at my phone, sitting at my desk and long drives).I decided to sign up for a £25 consultation as I was tired of moaning about my aches and pains, and interested to see X-rays and hear what, if anything, could be done.2 months into my treatment I am really pleased with my progress.I already feel less creaky and have noticed the old women hump shrinking.Dr Brandon and team are enthusiastic, friendly and professional. A smile always greets me at the door and questioned are answered in an easy to understand manner.Highly recommend.
I’ve been coming to life chiropractor for a little over a month now to see dr John-luke, the difference I’ve noticed already is amazing, I’ve always suffered with bad migraines which have now improved incredibly and are a lot less common! Dr John-Luke has helped me so much and is always so kind and caring! Highly recommended going to see him! The girls at reception are always so nice and welcoming too!!
Dr Alexander is fantastic, I look forward to my monthly maintenance appointment, chiropractic treatment has removed neck/ back pain and significantly improved my quality of life 😊
After having sciatica for 3 months, I couldn't walk properly as I couldn't completely control my right leg and was really worried that I would be stuck like that ☹️ However, after a course of treatment with John-Luke, I am now back to normal! Can't praise him enough! The whole team at Christchurch are really friendly and helpful!
Brandon is amazing- knowledgable, friendly and supportive. The reception team are also fab.The app is useful too because you can move appointments around quickly and easily.
An absolute pleasure of an experience from the moment I stepped through the door. Great reception team with big smiles.... my back issue was being taken care of by Yenei who was personable, friendly and most importantly explained everything for me. Highly recommended.
Been coming here for almost a year, initially for back pain and since then for maintenance. Staff are lovely and very good at remembering who you are, building is clean and modern & the actual treatment has always been great, would recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor
Had first session absolutely fantastic will go again many thanks to the team
Very clean welcoming reception.
I have seen such an improvement since starting to come to life chiropractic with some quich severe neck pain. I now have regular adjustments to keep on track. Lovely helpful staff and great location with parking. Highly recommended xx
Always accommodate last minute bookings. Friendly staff. Recommended.
If I could give more stars !!The reception staff are professional ,helpful and very friendly, booking is also easy on the life app especially if you have to change appointments or times quickly out of hours .I began with a thorough consultation with Dr Tom . X-rays were taken ,my lower back issues were explained in detail and a course of treatment began ... Spine alignment,sports massage ,easy stretches and posture advice .I have suffered with lower back pain for 10 years ..over the last year my pain was keeping me off work and I was bed bound for weeks at a time .. I was prescribed strong pain relief ,but I never had treatment from NHS to find the cause of the problem .. was basically told it's JUST a bad back !!!I was sceptical prior to treatment .. this was basically my last hope .My journey has been AMAZING, I no longer have to wear a back support belt ,take medication ,or make excuses not to go out with friends for fear of my back pulling .. last week I was able to go on a zip line and high trekking weekend !!!!!!My treatment has now been reduced to one session every six weeks ,however ,I can call and book a session or a sports massage if I feel it's required .I know this is a long review ,but it really has changed all aspects of my life ... Thank you to everyone at Life Chiropractic clinic .. RayleighToni Shirley x
They are very very good🙏
Seeing Francesco was one of my better decisions. I had suffered with back pain for over a year. Had seen other chiropractors with little or no relief. After 4 sessions with Francesco my back pain had gone and has not returned since !!
Very caring staff, easy carpark, very clean and lovely facilities. James, the chiropractor, was brilliant. The best place for back problems or any body pains
Thoroughly professional and knowledgeable, Francesco was always considerate of my needs and in my view a very good practitioner.Due to the location there is always plenty of parking which is a real bonus.I will continue to visit occasionally to maintain the progress made.
After my first ever Chiropractic consultation and treatment ( called Adjustment) I walked out feeling taller and in less pain.I have a body with lots of years on the clock and I want it to last longer pain free.There was no pressure to return, but I felt that at last I have found a practitioner who understands the mechanics of the skeleton, muscles and nerves to wiggle and jiggle bits of me back into pain free action. Thank you Yenei.
The common misconception with chiropractors is that it will hurt. Myself and many others will agree that it’s far from that. Have felt incredible ever since I’ve been visiting the clinic.Would definitely recommend Life Chiropractors. Staff so welcoming. Will continue to visit!
Really friendly staff and the massage was top tier really helping my back pain!
I highly recommend Life Chiropractic Clinics, Basildon. Having recently suffered with lower back pain, I contacted Life Chiropractic who immediately booked me an appointment. The care I have received from Dr Jayden has been outstanding. Dr Jayden diagnosed my condition within 2 days of my first consultation and has treated me ever since. The treatment I have received has been absolutely incredible & I am forever grateful. Since attending Life Chiropractic, I feel so much more better both mentally & physically. Thank you so so much x
Lucy has been an absolute life saver throughout my pregnancy for back and hip pain. I honestly cannot recommend her more highly! And lovely helpful reception team too.
Been taking my 17 year old due to back issues, the ladies on the desk are very welcoming and friendly and his chiropractor and masseuse are professional and friendly making him feel relaxed throughout his sessions, talking him through what they are doing and why. He says they gave definitely been helping with his back.
I have been coming to the Wickford Clinic for several years now and my overall experience has been outstanding from the reception staff to the treatment team. Everyone is so friendly. I have found all the treatments very beneficial to my general wellbeing especially the dry needling with Ben. It is very easy to book appointments on the app and I love the bonus scheme. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic Clinic. Thanks to everyone who has treated me so far.
This clinic is amazing.I have had a very sore shoulder for years and have never been free of the pain until I went to this clinic in Wickford. My son and daughter recommended it to me and I'm so glad they did. The staff are so friendly and helpful they have and still answer any concerns I may have. Not forgetting the lovely receptionists who are so welcoming and very helpful too.
Always friendly ladies on the reception desk . Know my name as I walk in . Always happy to help with any queries . Sammy and Ben have helped me massively in recovery from a slipped disc . Have already recommended others to the practice.Keep up the good work there guys x
Been visiting for just over a year. Sorted back problem, go once a month to maintain. Friendly, knowledgeable and highly recommended.
My husband and I have been attending the clinic for a good while and visit monthly now for adjustment appointments. All the staff are very friendly, helpful and welcoming and would strongly recommend anyone to make an appointment if in any discomfort.
A great team at Life Chiropractic Clinic Wickford, who are helping me manage the discomfort from my arthritic hip. I regularly see Sami but have also had the pleasure of meeting Yenei and James and they have been excellent with their treatments and also explaining the treatment process at the beginning of the course together with the short video film outlining the problems that occur and the treatments that follow. I would thoroughly recommend the Life Chiropractic Clinic Wickford to anybody who is thinking of going for treatment. Also not forgetting the lovely ladies on reception who keep everything running smoothly.
I visited Stefan at the Rayleigh branch many many years ago, simply followed him to Wickford which was a no-brainer. Apart from doing a 'cracking' job with my back, his sence of humour 'cracks' me up too..!!
James is a magician, definitely 100% recommend for anyone!! Reception staff are all lovely and friendly too!
Friendly. Professional . Staff are lovely
I love this clinic. The staff is always professional, nice and helpful. The receptionist team is lovely and every chiropractor and masseur are helpful and they are always answering all my questions. My spinal health has improved a lot since I started my treatments with Life Chiropractic Clinic and I don’t suffer from so much pain as before. The difference these treatments can make is amazing.
Brilliant can't praise Yani enough for the work he has done on my neck and back so far to relieve the lack of movement and pain I was in would highly recommend.
I've been seeing James for some time now. When I walk through the door of the practice, I feel dreadful and achy. When I come out, I feel like a new person and am so relieved to be free of pain.
I am very happy with the results achieved whilst attending Fit and Healthy Chiropractic. Francesco is always very professional and explains the treatment and benefits while maintaining a cheerful and friendly demeanour.
I first attended the clinic in 2021 in absolute agony I could barely move the pain I was experiencing in my back was excruciating.The reception staff were extremely welcoming and friendly. I was booked in to see Dr Eyal who ran me through some physical tests and xrayed me.Once he established that I had a slipped L5 S1 disc he began a treatment me which helped ease the pain immediately I was moving around and back in the gym within months of seeing him. He is very professional and extremely knowledgable regarding the human body.The clinic over all is very clean, tidy and efficient all the staff are very friendly and welcoming which makes the whole process even better.
Sorts me out and puts me at ease and in a relaxed state to do his work on me my right shoulder is getting stronger after each visit thanks
I was recommended to Life Chiropractors in Rayleigh by a friend and many others. I can highly recommend Tom who after an X-ray he found the problems. Over 15 years of being in pain and uncomfortable and he rectified in the second appointment. I can’t tell you the difference it has made already to me and now being able to interact more with my young family. Highly recommend
Very good
I have been visiting the Basildon clinic since 2015, when I couldn't walk because of my sciatica. Lucy has done a fabulous job of keeping me mobile (and Gemma whilst Lucy was on leave). It is a pleasure to visit the clinic, as the all round experience is a good one, from the welcome by Clair and Nellie on reception to the treatment from Lucy. I don't know where I would be without my regular adjustment. I have recommended Life to friends and family.
This clinic has been life changing I have been coming here for 18 months now nearly and what started with severe back problems everyday and no answers, with X-rays and frequent weekly treatments I am now 90% pain free and down to 2 treatments a month. Eyal has been so helpful and thorough, really knows his stuff and Sarah’s sports massages are heaven, plus a lovely catch up and giggle. Jo and Nellie on reception are always so accommodating and friendlyI recommend this place to everyone who mentions they have a slight twinge!
Amazing clinic. All staff are very welcoming and helpful. My back feels amazing since I've been coming here.
Fantastic people, have seen such an improvement in my back and neck, would really recommend!
Fantastic place to get your back sorted out, they have sorted out many of by back and hip issues and now feeling fine! Get down and see them asap
I’ve been seeing Gemma for chiropractic treatment for a long time. The initial assessment was thorough and her professional opinion and advice was given. Gemma is very knowledgable and answered all of my questions. For me, chiropractic treatment hasn’t resolved my back issues but has played an important part in my well being. I now don’t have a set schedule but see Gemma when I feel I need treatment. On and as/when basis, I also see Zara and Sarah for massage. They work with Gemma and myself to ensure I get the best from my massage. Again, they’re very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend these members of staff and Life Chiropractic, Basildon.
I have been coming for over a year and seeing Gemma my chiropractor and Zara who is my massage therapist. They are both amazing and since I’ve been coming my back issue is completely under control and their treatments keep it in check. Would highly recommend
I have been coming to life chiropractic in Basildon for many years now.Everyone on reception is so friendly and helpful face to face or over the phone.Lucy is friendly and professional and is working wonders with me during my pregnancy. I could not recommend her enough!
Very welcoming staff on the front desk and a great service
Life Chiropractic has been amazing, staff are always welcoming and very helpful.Seth has been brilliant, and has made such a difference my back and neck problems.
Wonderful experience fantastic staff ,all in all a wonderful practice xxx
Amazing practice and amazing practitioners. Really have helped me and my back problems. Kacey and Nelly are amazing x
Been coming to the clinic for over 2 years now and couldn't recommend chiropractic treatment enough!
Patrick is a brilliant chiro.
I am been having treatment on my back for the last 7 weeks. Good progress with dr Tom . I have now started deep tissue sports massages undertaken by Laura. Laura is a credit to the clinic. Amazing results and I feel brand new. Amazing massage skills and good advice too. Well done.
Monthly Life Chiro massage & adjustment sessions are vital to my general health & wellbeing. The stresses of life really can - and do - affect my body in ways I don’t immediately notice. Each month I get a ‘reset’ and feel SO much better for it!
Used this service thanks to a recommendation and referral from my wife following severe lower back pain, hardly walking without use of a stick. Within a week or so Lucy had me back on my feet and the pain was all but gone. Service has been nothing short of outstanding since. All staff are super friendly from the moment you go through the door.
Brilliant members of staff, they made us feel very comfortable and when we went to see what was wrong the doctor we saw explained everything. I would recommend this clinic.
Seth was very good
Seth, my Chiropractor is very knowledgeable and patient.
Unbeaten place with lovely people
Great service friendly staff really good
Very good customer service
If you suffer aches and pains visit life chiropractic.very friendly and professional staff.marli is the best.
Excellent, my back and hip were a mess I couldn't stand or sit for more than 10 minutes I contacted life rayleigh and wow brilliant and very professional would highly recommend to anyone
From the moment I 'walked' in I felt reassured that I was going to be cared for and the desperation of my scenario left me. ALL the staff put me at ease and being able to be seen and x-rayed the same day was amazing. Both Tina and Ellena have worked miracles and I don't want to think about what I would have done otherwise. As I go through my treatment plan I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye and will probably keep going as a preventative measure
Extremely professional and all staff very friendly, I would recommend to anyone.
Kind staff lovely vibes.
Very friendly staff, excellent service. As a truck driver, I have a 30 min sports massage with Chris once a month to loosen my back muscles.
Originally attended due to a numbness and tingle in leg and lower back problem. Not only did they (He) cure this. A tingling and weakness in my arm. Staff are always very pleasant and could not be more helpful. Have recomended several people and all have been happy.
When it comes to back pain this place can do magic, after receiving treatment from nhs and physio, nothing worked but two sessions with them and I could go back to work! Thank you
It's not me, it's my partner David who is getting the treatment. So far so good, they are lovely, sweet and very caring. They take care off all your needs.
My son uses this chiropractor and says its brilliant
I’ve been getting maintenance treatment here for over a year and I feel fantastic after each session. The guys are super professional and explain everything so clearly that it really makes a difference
Very friendly helpful professional and informative chiropractors and staff. My sessions have been an improvement to my lower back and shoulders. Always feel new and rejuvenated afterwards. Would recommend their services
I have been a patient at Life Rayleigh since December 2019 with previous severe spinal issues.Currently, I’m under the care of Dr Marlie. She is so knowledgeable & has the upmost care. She understands everyone is different.Everything is explained & I walk away feeling better in body & mind. Fantastic advice given during the appointment also, specific to my needs.Absolutely worth booking a consultation if you are in pain, some discomfort or simply want a general check over.The kind reception staff also play a massive part in feeling welcomed & set a good tone for the visit.I’ve personally recommended Life to friends & family who have also been to Life for very different needs.Thanks all at Life, Rayleigh. You’re all fab! X
I think everybody here at Life, Rayleigh is so helpful and professional. Am definately feeling the benefits of my treatment sessions. Well done
Cant praise Tom and the team enough for diagnosing the problem with my lower back pain and sorting it out, now mostly pain free, continuing with regular adjustments just to keep everything in check, first class treatment, would recommend to anyone with problems
I have been going to life chiropractic at rayleigh almost since they opened and can honestly say it has made a huge difference to my mobility - I had back and neck issues from sports injuries and the treatments have really helped. Would definitely recommend to anyone to give them a try if your in pain - all the staff are very friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble
Great staff, always greeted with a smile. Treatment has worked really well for me, Thank you Stefan and Charlotte and All of the staff.
Here at life chiropractors Rayleigh the staff are very professional and they are helping me with their treatments and special the maintenance program. So that I'm able to enjoy life with a lot more mobility. so I would recommend the gang here as they are more like a big family of friends who want to help you enjoy life to the full. As I always leave here feeling great after treatment.So can't say it enough they are all great here at life chiropractic Rayleigh
I have been a regular client for some years. The staff are very welcoming and friendly, the Chiropractors and Sports Masseurs help keep my aging body in trim.
Outstanding service given by warm friendly staff. I have had treatment including shock treatment on my shoulder and knee with extremely good results and the prospects are good. I want to pass on a great big thank you to everyone
They fixed my back pain and siatica in about 2months! Been living with it for years! Very welcoming everyone is freindly and they remember you're name and welcome you every time you walk in the door. Would highly recommend to anyone with back pain !
Great experience at Rayleigh Life they have helped alleviate my neck and shoulder issues so much so that I now have my full range of motion back with minor pain I now have maintinence to just keep things loose. Thank you to all the team.
Thank you so much to Lucy who supported me for a few sessions during my pregnancy. Her advice was incredibly helpful too!
As a bus driver I am sat for long periods of time at the wheel I started to get pain in my back and shoulder I am now back on the mend with the help of the Rayleigh chiropractic with friendly hello 🤗 from the receptionist and being called by your first and always being asked by the chiropractor Marlie on how you are doing I would highly recommend seeing them if you have a pain that you can not get rid of
I have been coming to Rayleigh chiropractor team for about 4 months and I have been supported by Marlie and Jess. I was pretty desperate when I came and I thought about my discomfort every step I walked and if someone stopped to chat I was thinking about how soon I could sit down. Now I walk much more easily and think about other things than discomfort! Last week I had to stand for two hours on the train as it was so crowded. Before the help I have received at Life Chiropractic I would have struggled to cope...but I was amazed as I did cope!! These are measurable differences for me for which I thank Marlie and Jess. And as well as their professional skills, both of them are kind and understanding. And Emma and her smiley team on the reception desk top it all off. I can totally recommend this group.
I have been having treatment for several months for various injuries and back/hip problems, all of which have been resolved .I now attend twice monthly for maintenance which also includes a session with the physiotherapist which keeps everything at bay.All the staff are amazing, from the ladies on reception to the all the various therapists. I would highly recommend a visit!
Friendly staff, back problem sorted so glad I came to this place
Parking here is awful take a camera and enjoy 😆
I have been visiting life chiro since my neck injury in 2014. They dealt with the problem leading me to resume my normal life within 3 months and now maintain my whole families spinal health! Great friendly service!
Excellent, Friendly, Helpful, Lucy, Clair , and the rest of the team, I would recommend to anyone with back problems.
They are very good at what they do.Hoping to move little better, as I have Neuropathy in my feet.As its like walking on bouncy castle..I haven't tried the massage yet. looking it thanks 😊
Isaias is a great chiropractor, visibly passionate about his job and helping people. He takes his time with you and never rushes. His welcoming and friendly approach to client make the visits pleasant and comfortable. Thank you for fixing my shoulder pain!
Welcoming and friendly service from all staff. Isaias has helped me enormously and I finally understand why I have had back pain for so long. After just two weeks of treatment, I feel so much better, thank you!
Amazing service and staff, everyone so friendly and helpful. Dr Tina has really helped me so much and the Improvement I have seen has been excellent. Wouldn't go anywhere else now. 😊
I’ve been coming here to see Isaias for adjustments, and Elena for massages for the last couple of months, and to say they have changed my life is an understatement.Before coming here, I was getting headaches almost every other day. Which, as you can imagine, was very draining and I was very miserable. I’d been to the doctors numerous times, but had no help. I’d tried multiple at home remedies, all sorts of medications and nothing seemed to be helping. Seeing a chiropractor was my last resort.Since the beginning of my treatment, I have only had 2 headaches (they were both near the beginning) that only lasted a few hours - which is a MASSIVE improvement. Currently haven’t had a headache or any pain for a good few weeks now, this is longest I’ve been without one for years. I’m absolutely over the moon.Cannot recommend this place enough. Thank you!
Nice friendly atmosphere used this place for a number of years no complaints would recomend if you have joint problems
I see Calum at LC. I was suffering with low back spasms and sciatic pain. Calum is excellent! Very professional, caring and a great conversationalist My back is so much better, and I'm down to monthly maintenance visits now.
Well run practice and helpful staff.Knowledgeable practitioners.
Chiro is so good for my health & wellbeing.The guys & girls at the Southend branch are so, so helpful. They are all just so easy to talk to.Best of all, they are all required to be double vaccinated, which enhances the feeling of safety.Really they are the tops.
Really caring and tailored to your needs clean and welcoming
He does a cracking job!
Great great great 👌👍
Clean, friendly and modern
Explains everything and goes at your speed.
Fantastic, I would definitely recommend.
I can not recommend this place enough, friends great staff. A professional service, more importantly they know Chiropractic subject, in depth. They have helped me no end. I feel healthier, no pain, confident and have given me the know how how to help in between treatments. Total service, in all areas.
First attended over 2 years ago as put my back out and could barely move . Noticed a huge difference within the first 2 weeks .I am now so much better and choose to attended every other Week for adjustments as my job puts a lot of strain on my back .If I do need to be seen in between appointments they will always accommodate no matter how busy they are .All staff are professional and it’s a very friendly environment . Highly recommend .
I went to Life Chiropractic in Southend after my shoulder pain became unbearable. Maria has been fantastic, and my pain subsided dramatically over a few weeks and I'm not in constant pain now (I only get it now when I've slept on my side). I'm still going to go to Maria for a monthly session - I always feel much better after one.
Would always recommend Life Chiropractic due to their continued excellent service - I have had to move appointments before and it's not ever been an issue, the app is great and the reception team make you feel welcome. Initially went over a year ago to sort out some neck pain (I am a horse rider so back pain goes hand in hand) and Calum did an excellent job. Went back for my first appointment since lock down and still had a great experience and it was nice to catch up with Calum.
What a great service I've spent years and thousands of pounds trying to get my back sorted out but after 3 months of coming to see Dr Maria. I have finally found a treatment that works for me. I cant recommend them enough.
Saw Callum on Monday what a relief after weeks in lock down my back had definitely stiffened up now can have my regular sessions and know that I will be looked after. Thank you to all the staff at Life Chiro for making it so easy and safe.
I have been going to Life Chiro for over a year; Maria is always so kind, courteous, professional and great at her job! I always leave feeling refreshed especially as I live with chronic back pain and its a relief every time I have a session. Thank you Maria and the Life Chiro team.
Customer and safety first. Taken great steps to be one of the key services to re-open as lockdown eases.Everything about the customer care, standards, care, range of services and professionalism is as it should be, and continues to exceed my expectations after a year or so.I trust their advice, guidance and instructions.There is absolutely NO pressure to commit to a course of treatment.Dr Calum Stewart is the consummate professional, whilst also friendly and authentic, with an astounding memory that demonstrates a desire to provide a tailored and targeted approach. I have seen incredible results and readily commit to an ongoing maintenance plan; viewing this as an investment.The Reception team are all very friendly, efficient and welcoming.The practice has ample parking, a very comfortable and bright waiting area, and I have never waited beyond my appointment time.Highly recommended.
Returned on first day of reopening very impressed with procedures that have been put in place very simple and easy to follow with no stress

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Keep track of your health on the go with our app.

We believe in making you part of your care with us, this is why we developed our own app, full of great features to help you.

  • Book & manage appointments
  • Earn rewards for referrals
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • View your X-rays
  • Your own exercise hub


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Meet Logan 💙💙 Simply the sweetest boy you could meet.  He came in originally due to headaches and has been doing really well with treatment.  He is a super active boy so his whole spine is always checked for alignment and restrictions 👌Thank you so much Logan 🙏 back to school fully charged!!We are seeing more and more school age children coming into the clinic.  Often due to sports related injury and overuse or from time spent gaming and scrolling 😐#chiropractic #chiropracticforheadaches #headaches #chiropracticforchildren #chiropracticadjustment #chiropractor #chiropractictreatment #chiropractoressex

Meet Logan 💙

💙 Simply the sweetest boy you could meet. He came in originally due to headaches and has been doing really well with treatment. He is a super active boy so his whole spine is always checked for alignment and restrictions 👌

Thank you so much Logan 🙏 back to school fully charged!!

We are seeing more and more school age children coming into the clinic. Often due to sports related injury and overuse or from time spent gaming and scrolling 😐

#chiropractic #chiropracticforheadaches #headaches #chiropracticforchildren #chiropracticadjustment #chiropractor #chiropractictreatment #chiropractoressex

So grateful for our awesome team 🥰 supercharged by @zoneeesoftware 😁 👌Big thank you @mirainshomecooking for the delicious pizzas! 😋#team #summerevenings #chiropractors #naturalhealthcare #naturalhealing #chiropracticsoftware #bookingapp

So grateful for our awesome team 🥰 supercharged by @zoneeesoftware 😁 👌

Big thank you @mirainshomecooking for the delicious pizzas! 😋

#team #summerevenings #chiropractors #naturalhealthcare #naturalhealing #chiropracticsoftware #bookingapp

Any new goals on the horizon? 🌅If they are related to mobility then our rehab specialists are there to guide you through 🌟Making sure you have an exercise programme that is tailored to you, practical and based on function 🚀 safely getting you to where you want to be one step at a time 👌Write info🙋 in comments if you would like to find out more about exercise rehab 😊#goals #mobility #spinalmobility #exerciserehab #spinalstrength #postureexercises #movementismedicine

Any new goals on the horizon? 🌅

If they are related to mobility then our rehab specialists are there to guide you through 🌟

Making sure you have an exercise programme that is tailored to you, practical and based on function 🚀 safely getting you to where you want to be one step at a time 👌

Write info🙋 in comments if you would like to find out more about exercise rehab 😊

#goals #mobility #spinalmobility #exerciserehab #spinalstrength #postureexercises #movementismedicine

Sick of sitting for too long? 🖥️ 🖥️Try this simple mobility routine at your desk.💡Push up, child’s pose - using your desk as a push up and then go straight into a stretch of your upper back.💡 Seated rotation - using the arm of your chair, cross your legs and rotate your torso the opposite way.Repeat as needed, stay light and lose, movement is key 🔑 🙆Save for later!#movementismedicine #deskstretches #deskmobility #posture #deskposture #posturematters #postureexercises #chiropractoressex #posturetips #keepmoving

Sick of sitting for too long? 🖥️ 🖥️

Try this simple mobility routine at your desk.

💡Push up, child’s pose - using your desk as a push up and then go straight into a stretch of your upper back.

💡 Seated rotation - using the arm of your chair, cross your legs and rotate your torso the opposite way.

Repeat as needed, stay light and lose, movement is key 🔑 🙆

Save for later!

#movementismedicine #deskstretches #deskmobility #posture #deskposture #posturematters #postureexercises #chiropractoressex #posturetips #keepmoving

Getting fight ready with @bentilson28 🔥🔥Sports massage therapy and cupping work together to promote blood flow to muscles, enhance healing and  promote flexibility and symmetry 💥Good luck this weekend @georgeliddard_  you are an absolute champ 👊#boxing #boxinglife #boxingfitness #boxingessex #cuppingtherapy #sportsmassage #sportsmassagessex

Getting fight ready with @bentilson28 🔥🔥

Sports massage therapy and cupping work together to promote blood flow to muscles, enhance healing and promote flexibility and symmetry 💥

Good luck this weekend @georgeliddard_ you are an absolute champ 👊

#boxing #boxinglife #boxingfitness #boxingessex #cuppingtherapy #sportsmassage #sportsmassagessex

Setting yourself up right for training @carlythorntonofficial 💖Spinal analysis, muscle release techniques and some good old fashioned spinal adjustments 💥Nothing better than getting your spine aligned and nervous system tuned up, helping you be on top of your game 💪Your are absolute super star @carlythorntonofficial 🌟#bodybuilding #femalebodybuilder #chiropractic #chiropracticadjustments #alignment #posturematters #nervoussystemregulation #chiropractoressex

Setting yourself up right for training @carlythorntonofficial 💖

Spinal analysis, muscle release techniques and some good old fashioned spinal adjustments 💥

Nothing better than getting your spine aligned and nervous system tuned up, helping you be on top of your game 💪

Your are absolute super star @carlythorntonofficial 🌟

#bodybuilding #femalebodybuilder #chiropractic #chiropracticadjustments #alignment #posturematters #nervoussystemregulation #chiropractoressex

⚡️ The conditions we treat with Shock Wave therapy are;✅ Plantar fasciitis
✅ Shoulder pain
✅ Tennis elbow/golfers elbow
✅ Knee ligament injuries
✅ Achilles tendonopathy
✅ Trochanteric bursitis (lateral hip pain)⚡️ How it works;
Radial shockwaves start an inflammation-like response in the injured tissue causing the body to respond by increasing circulation and metabolism.  Stimulating cell regeneration and healing as well as decreasing pain producers.⚡️Shockwaves are felt as pulses that can be uncomfortable but not painful ☺️ Treatment is carried out at weekly intervals.  Many feel an improvement straight away for others it can take a number of weeks.📍 DM or speak to our lovely reception team about shock wave therapy 😊#shockwavetherapy #plantarfasciitis #plantarfasciitis treatment #shockwaveforplantarfasciitis #shoulderpain #tenniselbow #achillestendonopathy #trochantericbursitis #shockwavetherapyessex

⚡️ The conditions we treat with Shock Wave therapy are;

✅ Plantar fasciitis
✅ Shoulder pain
✅ Tennis elbow/golfers elbow
✅ Knee ligament injuries
✅ Achilles tendonopathy
✅ Trochanteric bursitis (lateral hip pain)

⚡️ How it works;
Radial shockwaves start an inflammation-like response in the injured tissue causing the body to respond by increasing circulation and metabolism. Stimulating cell regeneration and healing as well as decreasing pain producers.

⚡️Shockwaves are felt as pulses that can be uncomfortable but not painful ☺️ Treatment is carried out at weekly intervals. Many feel an improvement straight away for others it can take a number of weeks.

📍 DM or speak to our lovely reception team about shock wave therapy 😊

#shockwavetherapy #plantarfasciitis #plantarfasciitis treatment #shockwaveforplantarfasciitis #shoulderpain #tenniselbow #achillestendonopathy #trochantericbursitis #shockwavetherapyessex

Everyone loves an adjustment but chiropractic isn’t just about the cracks and pops 😜We are always checking your bodies misalignments, mobility, muscle strength and tension and compensation mechanisms to determine what is working and what’s not 🧠 👣We then work to correct any imbalances with adjustments, soft tissue techniques, stretches and exercises for you to do at home 👌Thank you so much  @lindseymann for donating your legs for this mini demo 😁 🙏#chiropractic #chiropracticadjustment #bodybalance #posturematters #thepowerthatmadethebodyhealsthebody #naturalhealthcare #muscletesting #chiropractoressex

Everyone loves an adjustment but chiropractic isn’t just about the cracks and pops 😜

We are always checking your bodies misalignments, mobility, muscle strength and tension and compensation mechanisms to determine what is working and what’s not 🧠 👣

We then work to correct any imbalances with adjustments, soft tissue techniques, stretches and exercises for you to do at home 👌

Thank you so much @lindseymann for donating your legs for this mini demo 😁 🙏

#chiropractic #chiropracticadjustment #bodybalance #posturematters #thepowerthatmadethebodyhealsthebody #naturalhealthcare #muscletesting #chiropractoressex

Learning together is the greatest gift 🫶Thank you so much @donald.francisdc and @chirohub_seminars for an amazing seminar 🥰#brainbasedchiropractic #chiropracticseminar #continualprofessionaldevelopment #team #learningtogether #chiropractic

Learning together is the greatest gift 🫶

Thank you so much @donald.francisdc and @chirohub_seminars for an amazing seminar 🥰

#brainbasedchiropractic #chiropracticseminar #continualprofessionaldevelopment #team #learningtogether #chiropractic

Discover the power of the shrimp challenge 🦐This dynamic exercise targets multiple muscle groups, enhancing balance, stability and functional movement.Dive into the shrimp challenge and unleash your body’s potential 💪💪#shrimpchallenge #rehabilitation #exerciserehab #strength #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #flexibilitygoals #sportstherapy #sportstherapistessex #chiropractoressex

Discover the power of the shrimp challenge 🦐

This dynamic exercise targets multiple muscle groups, enhancing balance, stability and functional movement.

Dive into the shrimp challenge and unleash your body’s potential 💪💪

#shrimpchallenge #rehabilitation #exerciserehab #strength #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #flexibilitygoals #sportstherapy #sportstherapistessex #chiropractoressex

I can now get back to the things I love to do– fishing!

“I was suffering with lots of pain which affected my day to day life and stopped me doing the things I used to enjoy. I was then introduced to Tom, who straightened me out with a course of intensive treatment and now I attend for monthly corrections which means I can now get back to the things I love to do– fishing!”

Stephen Green, Google Review

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