Chiropractic & Treatment Fees

We take a multidisciplinary approach to treatment at Life Chiropractic. Our goal is to diagnose and successfully treat your condition, whether it be through chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, physiotherapy or shockwave therapy.

The knowledge and experience from our chiropractors and therapists mean you are in the perfect place to receive the very best treatment and care.

Our Treatment Fees:

We want treatment to be available to everyone suffering in pain, that’s why we make our chiropractic and treatment fees flexible and affordable.

Initial Consultation

  • Full Medical History Taken
  • Examination
  • Posture Check
  • X-Rays (Only taken if medically required)
  • Diagnosis

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments are specific spinal manipulations, administered by hand to free joints in the spine that are not moving correctly. Your adjustments are carried out in a specific area as determined by your chiropractor.

*Adjustment fee reduces when prepaid, or is part of a direct debit plan.


Soft Tissue Massage Therapy 30mins

(Half hour session tailored to your specific needs.)
Release muscle tension, support good posture and help reduce localised pain through manipulation of soft tissue.


Soft Tissue Massage Therapy 60mins

(Hour session tailored to your specific needs.)
Release muscle tension, support good posture and help reduce localised pain through manipulation of soft tissue. These treatments are tailored to your specific needs.


Shockwave Therapy Consultation & First Treatment

  • Full Medical History
  • Examination
  • Diagnosis
  • First Treatment

Appointments available at Rayleigh Clinic on Wednesdays 10am – 1pm


Digital X-Ray

  • X-Rays are only taken if medically required
  • You can request a copy to be emailed to you for your records
Dean Parham
6 months ago

Absolutely fantastic. I came to Life chiropractic Rayleigh in October 2020 unable to walk, sit, stand or lay without pain. After treatments from Tom and Chris I’m able to do all 3 with complete comfort and am on my way to full recovery. All the staff are polite and welcoming. The app helps with remembering my appointments ( and a text on the day ) I can’t recommend them enough.

Demi-Nicole Nightingill
5 months ago

A wonderful welcoming team with incredibly friendly and helpful reception staff. Jess is an amazing professional who has helped correct so many issues myself and my partner were having we really feel it when we do not get our monthly treatment and feel all the better for having started seeing her ! Can’t praise the practice and staff enough !

Kelly Armstrong
5 months ago

I cannot recommend Life Chiropractic highly enough. I’ve been seeing Jess at the Wickford clinic for around 6 months. Jess is highly knowledgeable and very friendly and makes you feel totally relaxed and at ease.

During lockdown I developed shoulder, neck and back problems was in constant pain with virtually no movement in my shoulder or neck. Jess has got me back to almost 100% movement in my shoulder and I actually have more range of movement in my neck than before my problems started. My course of treatment is just about complete now and I will continue to see Jess monthly for maintenance. Thank you Jess.

Some of the many people we have helped…

We see hundreds of patients each day across our clinics and it always warms our hearts when we receive lovely comments and feedback, thank you Lisa for this amazing testimonial.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Many symptoms will require an initial course of treatments. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person and what is right for you will be explained at your ‘Report of Findings’.

We will never charge you hidden fees or leave you with unexpected costs.


Initial Consultation - What's Included:

Initial Consultations

We want as many people as possible to be able to try chiropractic, we have seen the many wonderful things it can do but are fully aware it is not for everyone. This is why we keep our initial consultation fees as low as possible, so you can try it and find out for yourself.

Review of your health history
You will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire which gives us a good overview of your general health history, this is important in understanding how your past may have contributed to your current chiropractic health.

Chiropractic Examination
(Orthopaedic, Neurologic and Palpation)
Your dedicated chiropractor will carry out an initial chiropractic examination, covering flexibility, range of movement, posture and many other general areas.

Postural & Spinal Assessment
As part of your examination we will cover your posture, a key part of assesing your general chiropractic health.

X-ray imaging
If your chiropractor feels it necessary they will carry out a digital spine x-ray. This will help in many cases to quickly ascertain the root cause of any pain and discomfort you are experiencing.
(Any number of x-rays needed are included)

A report of findings
Following your initial chiropractic consultation we will book a date for you to return so we can run through a full report of findings with you. This will explain what was found in the consultation and x-rays, our recommendations and your on-going treatment plan.


Chiropractic Adjustments - What's Included:

Chiropractic Treatments

We only offer chiropractic treatments once you have been through a new patient initial consultation. This ensures we know your medical history and have already identified the root cause of your pain or problems.

Health tips and exercise advice
To help you with on-going wellness, the results of your treatment are dramatically enhanced with continued exercise and lifestyle changes.

Periodic progress examinations
We ensure that you are progressing through your treatment as planned, allowing us to make any changes to your treatment that may be necessary.

Health and satisfaction questionnaires
Your journey through chiropractic wellness is of utmost importance to us so we want to make sure you’re happy with the service you receive from us.

Short educational video
Understanding how chiropractic works and how your spine directly relates to your overall health and wellness will hugely benefit your journey with us.


Massage Therapy - What's Included:

Massage Therapy

At Life Chiropractic we tailor your massage to your specific requirements, a choice of: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Trigger point Therapy and others are available.

Initial health screening
We take pride in the first-class level of care and treatment we offer, this is why you will still be taken through an initial first visit health review. We do not undertake any treatments until we are confident we fully understand your state of health and history.

A discussion about your health goals
It is important we understand what you would like to achieve from your treatment, as well as understanding the process and what is possible.

Health tips, literature and advised conditioning exercises
We might sound like a broken record but understanding what we do to your body will enable you to get the most from your treatment and experience, we will give you the tools to continue your treatment even after you have left the clinic.

On-going thorough evaluation of your muscular system functional improvement
We do not just give you a massage then wave goodbye to you, we want to make sure every treatment we give helps you and your body to improve.

Relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere
Our massage therapy rooms will put you into a relaxed sense of wellbeing, allowing you to forget all of life’s stresses and fully enjoy your massage experience with Life Chiropractic.


Digital X-Rays - What's Included:

Digital X-Rays

X-Rays if taken as part of your initial patient consultation are free, however from time to time you may require additional X-Rays to help quickly identify the cause of pain or symptoms.

Free X-Rays at your initial consultation
Any X-Rays taken after the consultation will be charged.

X-Ray results
Your results will be ready within 2-3 days. Our chiropractors will analyse your X-Ray results to ensure that Chiropractic is the appropriate treatment for you and to help assist with you treatment.

Digital X-Ray machine for low radiation
Digital X-Ray delivers a very minimal dose of radiation, no more than a standard trip on a commercial aircraft.

CD copy of your X-Rays
(Extra fee may apply)

You are welcome to have printed copies of your X-Rays to take away with you.