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Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

Sports Massage & Soft Tissue therapy.

The majority of back and neck pain involves more than one anatomical structure (muscles, bones, joints etc..) and will be caused by more than one factor. Therefore in order to achieve the best results it is important to take a multidisciplinary approach.

The joints of your spine will be treated via Chiropractic Adjustments, the surrounding muscles and soft tissues via massage therapy, and the long term strength of your spine will be improved by teaching you focused rehabilitative exercises.  Lifestyle and wellness advice related to posture, diet and supplements will also be given to improve your overall health and provide the best environment for you to remain pain free and ready to live life to the full.

The physical benefits of massage

  • Reduces muscle spasm
    Massage helps to relax the muscle and increase mobility. Peripheral receptors situated in the skin and underlying fascia are stimulated to relax as a response to massage.
  • Improves flexibility of muscle
    Studies have shown that massage aimed at muscle relaxation increases range of motion in a joint.
  • Improve formation of scar tissue
    Deeper techniques may be used to separate fibres which have adhered together as a result of some form of strain or minor tear.
  • Reduced swelling
    An increase in temperature and movement within the soft tissue increases lymphatic flow – leading to inflammatory fluids being reabsorbed into the circulatory system resulting in a reduction of swelling.

Physiological effects of massage

  • Increases blood and lymph flow
    Soft tissue massage increases localised blood circulation and lymphatic flow by gently compressing and releasing deep blood vessels.
  • Removes waste products
    As lymphatic flow increases, waste products from areas of soft tissue damage are reabsorbed more quickly via the lymphatic system.

Neurological effects of soft tissue massage

  • Relieves pain
    Application of pressure to a painful area overloads the pain receptors with other signals, therefore reducing the transmission of pain signals.
  • Increases blood circulation
    Massage causes the blood vessels to dilate, contributing to an increase in blood circulation, temperature, muscle elasticity, and delivery of fresh nutrients and oxygen to the muscles helping to stimulate the nervous system.

Psychological effects of soft tissue massage

  • Relieves tension and anxiety
    Massage is a pleasant experience and often leads to a more relaxed mental state.
  • Pain relief
    Massage can also reduce the perception of pain.

Our Massage Fees

Sports Massage – £37

Sports Massage – £64

What’s included:

  • Initial health assessment
  • A discussion about your health goals
  • Health tips, literature and advised conditioning exercises
  • On-going thorough evaluation of your muscular system functional improvement
  • Relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere

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