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Here to provide you the very best treatment and advice in Rayleigh and the surrounding areas…

Chiropractic Clinic Rayleigh

If you are suffering with back, neck, headache or other spinal related pain, then visit our Chiropractic Clinic Rayleigh today.

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In pain? You are in the right place…

FREE On-site Parking at our clinic
Our Rayleigh clinic has ample, free on-site parking.

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Offering unparalleled care in state-of-the-art facilities.

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We fit your treatments around your schedule.

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At Life Chiropractic we believe that chiropractic care and massage treatment will allow you to lead a healthier and happy life without worrying about the prospect of stress, tension, pain or discomfort in the future.

The difference we’ve made to others…

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Excellent treatment. Pleasant staff. Calm atmosphere. Easy parking.

Patricia Roberts

Patricia Roberts
07:32 08 Mar 19

Was suffering really bad neck & back pain with numbness in my arms. Thankfully, with regular visits both are a whole lot better with more flexibility & no more numbness.

Janice Hughes

Janice Hughes
16:13 17 Nov 18

Hi, I'm Jon. I'm 36 years of age and work as a field technician in aggregates and asphalt. My Chiropractor is Tom and I've been going here for over a year to treat my condition of a twisted pelvis, which effects various parts of my spine. I have been attending on a regular basis to have my spine realigned as this is takes time to settle to its right place. The service and customer care is excellent, i can't fault it. On many occasions with the pressure of my job i haven't been able to attend my appointment on the day, but with a quick phone call the staff have been happy to postpone my appointment to another date. They are able to book in advanced and if any problems one day, you can get an appointment very shortly. When attending my appointment the waiting time is very short. They have free parking too. They have an app, which you can book and see your current appointments and text message reminders. The communication is outstanding. The treatment isn't at all painful. I always walk out feeling a little stiff to start with, yet finding that i'm walking out of the clinic much better than when i walked in. I'd highly recommend to anyone who experiences back pain as all the time I've been to the GP's over 15 years, they have sent me away with pain killers. This has only just masked the problem and actually caused other issues as i didn't receive the correct treatment. Going to Life Chiropractic has made my day to day life much more manageable rather than a struggle. It's a small price to be happy!p.s: I don't use painkillers anymore! Also the girls at the reception desk are fantastic. They always make you feel like a VIP and there's a bowl of sweets!!!

Jon Bailey

Jon Bailey
18:50 07 Nov 18

I had a horrible pain in my back almost ruined a Europa league trip to Madrid.I decided after suffering this pain that I would call life a Chiropractor.I met the lovely staff and booked my series of treatments that were not only reasonably priced, but the cost can be spread over monthly direct debits. so we have lovely welcoming staff who deal with appointments and the initial consultation involved x-rays and a discussion about treatment. during early treatments I was a sceptic for a good few weeks and did not know if they were helping much, but then I had that eureka moment where I did something active that would normally have hurt me and I had no pain and by back is so much stronger. I am continuing planned maintenance and have massages.I am really happy with the treatment of my back and the way I am treated by the staff. Nina, Abbie and Mitchell have all been brilliant and Emma and the girls are really helpful. even though their choice of music maybe a bit debatable at times, I am not an Abba fan.Life Chiro at Rayleigh is a great clinic and I am a happy customer. Alan Bates

Alan Bates

Alan Bates
15:54 02 Nov 18

I want to thank the staff at Life chiropractic Rayleigh for the support and advice they’ve given me over the years. I’ve suffered from lower back pain for years and have visited many places in an attempt to find something to alleviate it. After an initial consultation & X-Ray,Abbie then pinpointed the areas that were leading to my condition and not only treated the site but showed me preventative techniques to stop my condition building up. With that and healthy suggestions from the team it’s really transformed my condition. I no longer suffer with back pain,I manage it with the help and guidance I recieved at the Rayleigh clinic. Go there with an open mind,take on the suggestions and recover. Thank you x.

Steve Mallion

Steve Mallion
20:09 01 Nov 18

Rob has worked wonders on my long term back health. I wished I had come here sooner.

sarah mills

sarah mills
16:03 23 Oct 18

The cleanest company we have ever been to, and we have been to many .Emma out of this world all staff fantastic have been going for about 3 years has helped my problem.

Brian bettell

Brian bettell
15:58 16 Oct 18

Can't rate this place high enough, have worked miracles on my back and have been using them now for almost 7 years.... The staff are amazing warm and friendly and the practisioners are of very high standard, I have a monthly maintainance session and now live pain free...... my GP could not offer any more help other than prescribe pain killers

troy darvell

troy darvell
06:57 27 Aug 18

Such nice people x

Jill Moore

Jill Moore
21:38 16 Aug 18

Abbi and Terri are legends. Simple.


19:01 24 Apr 18

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Ian Clifford

Ian Clifford
22:48 03 Jan 18

The people that work there are lovely. The prices are not that bad for the service you get. You can also get a hot drink while waiting. They have wheelchair access.

Harry Vallance

Harry Vallance
22:15 10 Nov 17

This is good if you have back and neck problems

Odette Dale

Odette Dale
11:55 18 Oct 17

I've been treated by Abbie many times, she is professional and very knowledgeable, great results highly recommended


08:57 16 Oct 17

Wonderful staff and treatment. Stefan has been my chiropractor for over a year now, I have a long term condition and he keeps me moving and free from pain. I wish I'd visited sooner!! I would highly recommend Life Chiropractic, don't leave it, go now!

Nicola Davis

Nicola Davis
16:17 23 Feb 17

I came to Rayleigh clinic when my back completely went I couldn't move, sitting down hurt me, standing hurt me, laying hurt me. when I got to the clinic they were very welcoming and went through everything they did and explained how the spine works. After a few treatments I was already starting to move a lot better, I could sit for longer than 5 minutes. After a few months I was back at work building my strength back up which I didn't think I would be able to do. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is suffering from back problems. 🙂

richard yellop

richard yellop
11:40 21 Feb 17

Additional Benefits

As well as receiving expert care there are also many other benefits of being a client at Life Chiropractic Rayleigh.

Fixed pricing structure
Always know exactly how much treatments will cost

Flexible appointment booking
We work around your daily schedule

Fast booking via our app
Making your booking fast and easy from anywhere

Referral offers
Enjoy referral offers, rewards & family discounts

But the only real way to benefit from all of this is to book your initial consultation at  Life Chiropractic’s Clinic in Rayleigh.

We hope to see you soon!


The advantage of visiting a local Chiropractor in Rayleigh

You may currently be in pain, living day to day putting up with lingering discomfort, it may currently not be enough to stop you doing anything but it’s annoying. We understand how you feel, we see this every day with new people coming to us experiencing the very same feelings and emotions you are today.

“What we cannot explain to you is just how much better you will feel once you have started experiencing chiropractic treatment. The only way to find that out is to come and visit us in Rayleigh for yourself.”

Our Rayleigh Chiropractic Clinic is ideally situated to deliver the very best chiropractic treatment and massage therapy to the surrounding areas of Rayleigh. If you are located outside Rayleigh in Hockley, Thundersley, South Benfleet or Hadleigh and are experiencing some kind of pain or discomfort then book with us today and we assure you it will be one of the most important and self rewarding decisions you ever make.

You do not need to continue to live this way, we can help!