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Begin your health journey at our Southend Chiropractic Clinic.
We specialise in treating back pain, neck pain and headaches by providing
the very best chiropractic treatment and care in Southend and
the surrounding areas.

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available.

Just take the first step – we’ll do the rest!

By providing an accurate diagnosis to your symptoms and pain we adopt a multidisciplinary approach for optimal results.

Our Southend chiropractors, rehab specialists and soft tissue therapists are experienced experts in treating back pain, neck pain and other spinal-related conditions, allowing us a better understanding of your individual needs.

“Chiropractic is one of the best ways to keep your body and spine healthy, in a totally natural way.”

“From the moment I ‘walked’ in I felt reassured that I was going to be cared for and the desperation of my scenario left me. ALL the staff put me at ease and being able to be seen and x-rayed on the same day was amazing. Both Tina and Ellena have worked miracles and I don’t want to think about what I would have done otherwise.” – Ellie Hughes – Google

Your Journey to Recovery…

We take time and apply clinical expertise to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms.
Chiropractic is a safe and completely natural approach to healing.

1. Initial Consultation
Chiropractic, Orthopaedic & Neurologic Examinations • Posture Check • Digital X-Rays* • Diagnosis.

2. Report of Findings
Your dedicated chiropractor will talk you through your results and discuss your personalised care plan.

3. Treatment
Our team of chiropractors and therapists will provide you with the most effective treatments.

4. Monitor Your Results
Regular progress assessments are carried out along your treatment plan to ensure your recovery is on track.

5. On-going Care
Many of our clients choose to adopt chiropractic as a way of life, options for on-going care will be discussed.

Meet our Southend Team

Read Our Reviews

Dan Phillips
5 months ago

Amazing service and staff, everyone so friendly and helpful. The treatment has really helped me so much and the Improvement I have seen has been excellent. Wouldn't go anywhere else now. 😊

Chantelle Jones
4 months ago

I’ve been coming here for adjustments and massage for the last couple of months, and to say they have changed my life is an understatement.
Before coming here, I was getting headaches almost every other day. Which, as you can imagine, was very draining and I was very miserable. I’d been to the doctors numerous times, but had no help. I’d tried multiple at home remedies, all sorts of medications and nothing seemed to be helping. Seeing a chiropractor was my last resort.

Since the beginning of my treatment, I have only had 2 headaches (they were both near the beginning) that only lasted a few hours - which is a MASSIVE improvement. Currently haven’t had a headache or any pain for a good few weeks now, this is longest I’ve been without one for years. I’m absolutely over the moon.
Cannot recommend this place enough. Thank you!

Anna Maciejowska
4 months ago

The Chiropractors here are visibly passionate about their jobs and helping people. They take their time with you and never rush. The welcoming and friendly approach to clients make the visits pleasant and comfortable. Thank you for fixing my shoulder pain!

What can we do to help?

It used to be commonly thought that back pain would naturally resolve itself over time.

However, recent studies have discovered that if left untreated, back pain can temporarily subside but the underlying cause will eventually resurface, potentially with increased symptoms and pain.

Our chiropractors and therapists here in Southend will provide you with a comprehensive approach to promoting your overall health and wellness.

The approach we take tackles all aspects of your condition, utilising our state-of-the-art X-Ray facilities, neurological and orthopaedic tests and postural analysis to diagnose the root cause of your back pain.

Together with our rehabilitation specialists and soft tissue therapists, our team will create the most effective treatment plan for you. We continually monitor and measure your progress with regular review appointments, to ensure your optimum recovery.

Having access to such a vast range of therapists and treatment options means with our clinic you will receive the most effective and efficient treatment and recovery process.

Join thousands of satisfied Southend clients and make back-related pain a distant memory.

Been coming here for a couple of months now and it really is worth it’s weight in gold. They’ve helped me physically and mentally. Since attending I’m back at the gym and generally feeling better from day to day with my aches and pains. All the staff are lovely, friendly and welcoming especially the reception. I would definitely recommend it here.

Freddy-Lee HawkesPatient at Life Chiropractic

New to Chiropractic?

Your first visit to our Southend clinic.

On your first visit to Life Chiropractic Southend for your consultation, we want you to feel confident that you have arrived in the best place to find the solutions to your health problems.

Your new patient consultation will take approximately 45 minutes and will include:

• An in-depth patient history
• Chiropractic examination
• Orthopaedic & Neurological tests
• X-Rays (if medically required)
• Diagnosis

Our Treatment Fees

Chiropractic Consultation

  • Full Medical History Taken
  • Chiropractic, Orthopaedic & Neurologic Examinations
  • Posture Check
  • X-Rays (Only taken if medically required)
  • Diagnosis

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments are specific spinal manipulations, administered by hand to free joints in the spine that are not moving correctly. Your adjustments are carried out in a specific area as determined by your chiropractor.

*A fee of £50 is charged for individual treatments outside of a Direct Debit plan or paying for a plan in full.


Soft Tissue Massage Therapy 30mins

(Half hour session tailored to your specific needs.)
Release muscle tension, support good posture and help reduce localised pain through manipulation of soft tissue.

*Per treatment price reduces to £43 if part of a direct debit plan or prepaid upfront.


Soft Tissue Massage Therapy 60mins

(Hour session tailored to your specific needs.)
Release muscle tension, support good posture and help reduce localised pain through manipulation of soft tissue. These treatments are tailored to your specific needs.


Digital X-Ray

  • X-Rays are only taken if medically required
  • You can request a copy to be emailed to you for your records
  • An additional fee of £50 for each additional area

Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy Treatment at our Southend Clinic.

It’s a common misconception that you need to be a sports person or play competitive sports to benefit from ‘Sports Massage’, this is simply not the case. Many types of injury or muscle tension can be successfully treated and relieved from Sports Massage and soft tissue therapy from our highly skilled Southend therapists.

Some of the many benefits of soft tissue therapy:

  • Reduces muscle spasm
  • Massage helps to relax the muscles and increases mobility.
  • Improves the flexibility of muscle
  • Studies have shown that massage aimed at muscle relaxation can increase the range of motion in a joint.
  • Improve formation of scar tissue
  • Deeper techniques may be used to separate muscle fibres which have adhered together as a result of some form of strain or injury.
  • Reduced swelling
  • An increase in temperature and movement within the soft tissue increases lymphatic flow – this helps reduce swelling.

If you would like to feel the benefits soft tissue therapy can bring to your body and overall wellness, simply click below to find out more and book your treatment at our Southend clinic.