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Muscle pain and weakness? Kinesio tape could be the answer. Chiropractic, Wellness

“I provide massage therapy treatment to patients who suffer from a wide range of musculoskeletal ailments and require regular treatment to help manage ongoing knee, hip, ankle, foot and spine pain. The result of wearing Kinesiology (Kinesio) tape for these patients can be quite extraordinary,”

Chiropractic and nutrition Chiropractic, Wellness

“Nutrition and chiropractic have gone hand in hand for hundreds of years”, says Stefan. “As a trusted family chiropractor I help patients understand the proactive role healthy nutrition can take in the management and prevention of joint paint and dysfunction.”

Post holiday pain Chiropractic, Pain, Wellness

Planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention camp beds, heavy luggage, hours spent in airport lounges or stuck in traffic on the M25. There’s a lot to cause a pain in the neck (and back) during holiday season.

Active ageing checklist for the over 55s Chiropractic, Wellness

We can’t stop the ageing process, but the good news is that we can counteract many of the effects with a few gentle tweaks to lifestyle and regular visits to a professional chiropractor.

Chiropractic: The backbone of sports training and recovery Chiropractic, Pain, Wellness

Summer sports are here and as Rio 2016 and Wimbledon approach it’s not just the elite competitors who are preparing. An army of chiropractors is getting set too; and their critical role cannot be underestimated.

Large Bust? Beat back pain, for good Chiropractic, Clinic News, Pain

We’ve partnered with specialist lingerie boutique Bustles, and created a Ladies Posture Consultation service designed to remedy D-cup+ neck and back pain for good.

Like a pain free Life? With our new Mobile App it’s easy… Chiropractic, Clinic News

Since our new Life Chiropractic Mobile App launched back in February, it’s fast become THE way patients manage & book chiropractic & massage appointments in our Basildon, Southend and Rayleigh clinics.

Killing time. It’s always been a pain in the neck… Chiropractic, Pain

The next time you find yourself waiting around, perhaps at the doctors or in the post-office queue, take a look around. You’ll soon spot a rather painful trend.

Modern life is a pain in the neck Pain, Wellness

The trusty mobile phone – where would we be without it? It’s gone from being a brick of an accessory to an item that we can’t leave the house without. But modern gadgets are inevitably starting to ruin our posture.

Neutral Spine Position with Correct Posture Chiropractic, Wellness

Research suggests that many back problems result from poor posture, learn how to achieve the correct posture and how to maintain it.

The secret office worker pain – is this you? Chiropractic, Pain

Sitting in front of a computer day in, day out, means you’re probably slouching a lot more than you think. Over time this will impact on your posture and spine.

Sleeping on your stomach – How this impacts on your spine Chiropractic, Wellness

Sleeping on your stomach at night is widely regarded as the very worst sleeping position. This position places strain on your back and spine.