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Sports injury, rehabilitation treatment

Sports injury, rehabilitation and performance treatment

Sport Rehabilitation helps people suffering from pain, injury or illness involving the musculoskeletal system. We help people of all ages maintain their health and fitness, recover from and prevent injury and reduce pain using exercise, movement and manual based therapeutic interventions.

The variety of skills our therapists have allow us to deliver a wide range of treatments giving us a unique approach to pain and performance. The collaborative nature of our team ensures that these skills are utilised in your treatment, making your progress and recovery as efficient as possible.

Treatment for pain and injury
Maintenance treatment for niggles, muscle tightness and fatigue 
Functional assessment 
Exercise programming
Strength and conditioning for performance and lifestyle
Reduced risk of Injury
Injury rehabilitation to return to sport

Sport Rehabilitators have a strong focus on biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation and returning patients to high levels of function.

Back pain – lower back pain, sciatica, disc problems and more
Pains and sprains in ankles, knees, shoulder groin, hip etc
Post-operative rehabilitation – (spinal, shoulder and knee surgery, joint replacements)
Total knee replacement rehabilitation
Achilles Tendinopathy
Cruciate ligament rehabilitation
Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Injuries with an uncertain diagnosis
Post spinal surgery
Post trauma, including fractures
Chronic pain
Repetitive strain injuries

An initial consultation offers an in-depth verbal and physical assessment to identify your diagnosis, any predisposing factors to injury and any other health related issues you may have. We then tailor a recovery plan for you to return you to optimum function and physical activity. Our team will offer ongoing advice, education and rehabilitation into all aspects of your life.

Our team are trained to record and protect all personal information, including sensitive information relevant to your condition as part of our treatment sessions.


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Other treatments available

We also offer a wide range of treatments for those who are less active or who injure themselves at home or work.

We are also very competent in the management of pre/post natal rehabilitation and in the treatment of children/young adults with musculoskeletal dysfunction.

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