A touch of health, a way of life

If you are suffering from pain or problems with your back or neck, which are perhaps affecting your life or work, it can be no laughing matter!

Should you need help getting back to normal then why not consider Chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic promotes a natural approach to healing without resorting to medicine or surgery. This approach focuses on enabling your body and nervous system to heal itself, naturally! If you’ve been suffering with back or neck pain in Essex, then let Life Chiropractic be the solution.

Life Chiropractic’s specialists can help to get you back on the road to recovery without recourse to the temporary quick fix of pain-relief drugs.

Don’t suffer in silence, with Chiropractic Clinics across Essex including Southend, Basildon and Rayleigh, Life Chiropractic has the right specialist treatments at our Clinics to help you to get your life back!

Building a healthy lifestyle with Life Chiropractic
Life Chiropractic’s main aim is to use their natural treatments to combat back and neck pain in particular, thus enabling you to stay as mobile and pain free as possible. In this way you can get on with your job and your life without suffering. You can then more easily participate in sport or simply enjoy those fun times and adventures with your family and friends!

The major benefits of Chiropractic Treatments
Chiropractic is actually most commonly used to treat back pain and neck pain. It can also treat a variety of other health conditions too, often related to your muscles, bones and joints. These are the major benefits of Chiropractic:

• Provides drug-free pain relief, from back and neck pain in particular
• Facilitating enhanced mobility making exercise easier
• Helping to avoid unnecessary surgery
• Enabling the nervous system to allow your body to naturally heal itself

“All of this helps you to lead a more active pain-free life without medication, naturally!”

Working with local Essex businesses improving the health of staff
Life Chiropractic is proud to work with both individuals and within the entire community across the county of Essex to help those suffering with back or neck pain.

As many people nowadays spend eight hours or more a day in their working environment, their employers must ensure that their posture and working environment is set-up so that they are comfortable during their working day.

As back pain is one of the leading causes of time off work, the benefits of chiropractic services are clear to see for both employers and employees alike. Chiropractors are renowned for treating back and neck pain successfully and without using drugs! This applies whether people lead a sedentary life sat at their desks or if they have active working roles!

We are on a mission to help create healthier lifestyles in the workplace!
Life Chiropractic is on a mission to aid Essex businesses in the promotion of good health and wellbeing and is pleased to offer its help, advice and information regarding such considerations as ergonomic seating and posture advice for staff.  Life Chiropractic’s specialists can visit your business to provide a health talk, along with providing free posture checks and education for your staff!

For Essex-based employers this can be a really valuable benefit helping to boost staff morale, making staff feel that they are being inclusively looked after by their employer. This initiative should also help staff that may be suffering from aches and pains to receive the advice they need to alleviate certain existing musculoskeletal conditions.

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