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In these challenging times that many people are working from home it is important to make sure that your desk chair has a lumbar and neck support. It is also very important to adjust the height of your chair so that the height of the desk is around the level of your elbows. If you are working with a laptop/computer you should make sure that the screen is at your eye level.


How can an employer take care of their employees’ back health?
An employer should provide an ergonomic risk assessment  for his employees to make sure that the work environment is suitable and safe to work, but also consider the individual needs of each employer.

Most importantly, an assessment can reduce workplace injuries, increase the employees productivity and reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

In addition, the employees should have access to insurances that cover manual therapies such as chiropractic care, for any musculoskeletal complaints or even for maintenance which is a preventative kind of care. Furthermore, a company could install a gym in there premises were the employees can attend during their break.

Research has shown that happier employees have better outcome measure.


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What are the benefits for employers who take care of their employees’ back health?

Sitting for prolonged time is harmful for your health and can increase the risk of various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, neck and back problems. Take frequent breaks for example every couple off hours to stand up, move around and stretch. Even taking a 5 minute break to stretch and relax can help to reduce the stress and keep the body active. You can also set a reminder on your phone or smart watch to inform you if you have been sitting for a long time.


Top tips for individuals who sit for long periods
During your lunch break use your time to go out and take a short walk, to “wake up” your body and get some fresh air.


By Dr. Constantinos Philippou (D.C.)
Rayleigh Clinic

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