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Suffering From Neck Related Pain? Our Chiropractors in Christchurch can help.

How our Chiropractic Treatment in Christchurch can help with your Neck Pain.

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Suffering from neck pain? Our Christchurch Chiropractors can help.

If you suffer from neck pain it’s important that you know that are not alone, with two-thirds of the population having neck related pain at some point in their lives it’s one of the most common symptoms that we treat people for.

Neck pain can have a profound impact on all aspects of life with a recent study demonstrating that the number of years of “good quality life” people lose as a result of neck and back related pain is greater than many other, more sinister diseases. But you don’t have to live with neck pain, give us a call or simply use the book now buttons on this page. Each Chiropractor in Christchurch specialises in assessing, diagnosing and managing neck related pain so you feel better and get back your desired “quality of life” as soon as possible.


Common causes of Neck Pain

Your neck is a pretty amazing part of your body, but it has a tough job. It holds up the weight of your head all day long. The bones at the top of your spine, along with your muscles and ligaments, work very hard to support your head, which weighs around 11lbs.

The main causes of neck related pain are;

  • Poor and repetitive posture such as “text neck”
  • Bad sleeping habits,  too many or too little pillows
  • Injury such as whiplash,
  • Degenerative changes in your spine
  • Plus many others.

During our initial consultation at Christchurch clinic we will go through a thorough history and conduct an examination including taking digital X-Rays if required which we have on-site. This enables us to gain an accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan of management for you.


So how does it feel?

Our patients, those who suffer from neck pain, usually complain of dull and achy persistent pain around the neck and upper shoulders area, plus limited head movement. We do get to hear the overall depressing nature of living with pain so we understand how this makes you feel.

The majority of our patients also complain of associated symptoms such as constant headaches, shoulder and upper-back pain, facial pain and in more severe cases arm pain with numbness and tingling sensations.

All the above associated symptoms can be as a result of nerve or muscle irritation in the neck region.


So what is the best way forward?

Similar to other joint complaints initially you can try some ice therapy, with the aim to reduce inflammation, gentle stretches and some pain killers however, these are usually short term solutions and will not fix the root of the problem causing the pain.

The key to the great results that we achieve with our thousands of patients across our four clinics in Essex is getting the diagnosis right, therefore, we have dedicated the first two consultations you have with us for that;

On your first consultation one of our qualified chiropractors will take a full history and will go through physical examination to pinpoint the cause for your symptoms, and will than use an advanced digital X-Ray* equipment as part of the diagnostic process.

neck pain treatment image

On your second consultation the ‘Report of Findings’, once the cause of your symptoms been established, we will provide you with clear explanation and the best and most beneficial way forward. At that point you can start with your treatment and start looking forward to feeling much better.

So if you are suffering from neck pain or any associated symptoms than you have a choice, you either live with the pain, and we know how that feels! Or you press the book now button and start your journey to getting better.

Sally Tre-Vett
8 months ago

Wish I had known about this place before. Friendly positive staff, always welcoming. My life has changed. Pain-free once again. Many thanks to Dr Ofra, Harriet and Carly

Anne Williams
7 months ago

I fully recommend the Christchurch Life Chiropractic Clinic for its professionalism and the friendliness of all the staff. The Receptionists always greet me with a genuine smile and I have full confidence in the treatment I receive from Dr Alexander and the Massage from Matt. They have all restored my confidence in Chiropractic Treatments and thankfully actually works and relieves my problems.

Geoff Frewin
8 months ago

I’m really happy to recommend Dr Alex and the whole team at Life Chiropractic from the initial meeting which was incredibly thorough and informative, to seeing and feeling huge improvements after only a couple of sessions.

From feeling continually in pain and lacklustre to feeling better than I have in at least 3 years, the results have been transformative.
I’d also like to add that everyone here is amazingly friendly, the receptionists exceptional and the clinic is first-class!
I would recommend Life Chiropractic without exception!

*X-rays are taken only when required medically required.

Headaches can be a common symptom of neck pain

Take a look at the following video from Tom one of our highly experienced chiropractors within Life Chiropractic: