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Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain

We all know how discomforting it feels to suffer with pain in your back, neck and shoulders. If your spine is misaligned in any way, it can disrupt the spinal bones in your neck, back and shoulders.

These aches and pains can make you restless, affect mobility and cause you to function at a marginal percentage of what are you would normally be capable of.

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Your lower back is more susceptible to injury because it is a very unstable part of your spine that is not supported by your rib cage, unlike your thoracic spine. Although this instability facilitates greater mobility, it also makes that part of your body more prone to injury. Fortunately, as long as your lower back is functioning correctly, it can withstand tremendous forces without sustaining any injury.

However, if your lower back is out of adjustment or has weakened supporting muscles, simple daily tasks can exacerbate or instigate injury.

Similarly, on a daily basis, your neck must perform the fundamental task of balancing and supporting your skull for 24 hours; a part of your anatomy which weighs approximately 12lbs! It is understandable that spinal misalignment can end up putting substantial strain on the neck and cause restricted neck and head mobility.

When it comes to your shoulders, it is important to remember that they are an essential part of your body and are fundamental for performing the majority of daily activities. As such, any shoulder pain injuries should be seriously considered and immediately treated to prevent long term physiological conditions.

Headaches can be a large symptom of back and neck pain

Take a look at the following video from Tom one of our highly experienced chiropractors from our Rayleigh clinic.

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