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In order to achieve the great results we do for our
patients in Southend Clinic it is important we take
a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, this
is why Sports Massage at our Southend clinic
is so important.

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The majority of back and neck pain is caused by more than one factor. In order to achieve the best results for our clients at our Southend clinic it is important to take a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment we offer.

Chiropractic Adjustments are the most effective way to treat the joints of your spine, the surrounding soft tissue and muscles are then treated using sports massage and soft tissue therapy techniques. Exercises as well as Lifestyle and wellness advice related to posture, diet and supplements will also be available to improve your overall health. Our therapists provide the best environment for you to become and remain pain free, ready to live life to the full.

Sports Massage Therapy in Southend – What to expect

Find out more about our soft tissue massage treatment from one of our therapists.

It’s a very common misconception that you need to be playing sports to benefit from ‘Sports Massage’, this is simply not the case. Many different types of muscle injury or tension can be successfully treated using Sports Massage and soft tissue therapy.

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Our Massage Therapy Fees

Soft Tissue Sports Massage – £45

Soft Tissue Sports Massage – £80

Download and complete our Massage Consultation form before you arrive for your treatment.

What’s included:

  • Initial health assessment
  • A discussion about your health goals
  • Health tips, and advised conditioning exercises
  • On-going evaluation of your muscular system
  • Relaxing atmosphere for your massage

The physical benefits of massage

  • Reduces muscle spasm
    Massage helps to relax the muscles and increases mobility.
  • Improves the flexibility of muscle
    Studies have shown that massage aimed at muscle relaxation can increase the range of motion in a joint.
  • Improve formation of scar tissue
    Deeper techniques may be used to separate muscle fibres which have adhered together as a result of some form of strain or injury.
  • Reduced swelling
    An increase in temperature and movement within the soft tissue increases lymphatic flow – this helps reduce swelling.

The Physiological effects of massage

  • Increases blood and lymph flow
    Soft tissue massage increases localised blood circulation and lymphatic flow by gently compressing and releasing deep blood vessels.
  • Removes waste products
    As lymphatic flow increases, waste products from areas of damaged soft tissue are reabsorbed more quickly via the lymphatic system.

The Southend Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy Team

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30min Massage Treatment – £45
Your Massage Includes:
Initial Health Assessment • 30 Minute Massage

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Neurological effects of soft tissue massage

  • Relieves pain
    The application of pressure to a painful area overloads the pain receptors to your brain with other signals, therefore reducing the transmission of just the pain signals.
  • Increases blood circulation
    Massage causes the blood vessels to enlarge, contributing to an increase in blood circulation, temperature, muscle elasticity, and delivery of fresh nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

Psychological effects of soft tissue massage

  • Relieves tension and anxiety
    Massage is a pleasant experience and often leads to a more relaxed mental state of mind.
  • Pain relief
    Massage can also reduce the perception of pain you may be experiencing.
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