Become a Physiotherapist or Sports Rehab Specialist at Life Chiropractic

Life Chiropractic Clinics strive to offer the highest levels of customer service, professionalism and care throughout all of our clinics in Essex.

Our rehabilitation and Physiotherapy team help people suffering from pain, injury or illness involving the muscko-skeletal system using exercise, movement and manual based therapeutic interventions.

As part of our commitment to deliver the highest standard of care our clinics have expanded into a three factorial care provider. Our physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation team work closely with our chiropractic team delivering client care both during the intensive phase for postural support and are our in-house referral team for non-spine related complaints.

Across our four clinics we now have five practitioners who make up our physiotherapy and sports rehabilitator team; one physiotherapist; three sports therapists and one rehabilitation therapist. They are highly qualified and experienced practitioners of whom have achieved BSc undergraduate or higher degrees and completed additional qualifications subsidised by Life Chiropractic Clinics to stay up to date with current techniques and research.

We are looking for the following qualities in all applicants:

  • Good communication and people skills
  • Professional conduct at all time
  • Good time management
  • A positive attitude

The Job Role Includes:

  • 30 minute Appointments
  • 60 minute Appointments
  • Using our software to record client visit notes
  • Smart and professional appearance

Please browse our website and feel free to find out more about our clinics on “Our Clinics” page. You can also check us on Facebook or best of all get in touch and come and see what we are doing.

If you are interested in our Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab jobs and hold a BSc Sports Therapist, BSc Rehabilitator or BSc Physiotherapist degree qualification please email your covering letter and CV to

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