As of the 19th July national COVID Restrictions are being relaxed. While this is positive news, we believe we have a duty of care to our patients and staff to remain cautious.

Please see below what to expect from your visit to Life following the 19th July changes.

We are sure you are as pleased as we are that life is starting to return to some kind of normal, we want to reassure you however that we are still being cautious for the welfare of you and our staff.

We are conscious that COVID still poses a potential risk and this is why we are not going to be relaxing all restrictions just yet. We want everyone to feel safe and enjoy their experience at Life Chiropractic and your health and that of our staff is paramount to us.

Face coverings
While from the 19th July it will no longer be required by law to wear a face mask, Public Health England have advised that all healthcare environments should continue to use face masks and face coverings for the immediate future. Therefore we would ask that you please continue to wear a face mask when visiting our clinics for your appointments. Your Chiropractor and our team will also remain wearing them for your safety.

We will keep up to date with the advice given by Public Health England and inform you of any changes to this in the future. We all thank you for your consideration.

Attending your appointments
There will no longer be any restriction on bringing a friend, parter or spouse to your appointments. If we feel reception is too overcrowded at any point we still may need to restrict numbers from time to time.

Temperature checks
We will not be checking your temperature when you arrive for your appointments, but we would still ask you to re-schedule your appointment should you be feeling unwell prior to coming to the clinic.

Toilet facilities
Toilet facilities will be available as normal.

Hand sanitiser
Hand sanitiser will still be available throughout the clinics for you to utilise.
We look forward to seeing you in clinic soon for your appointments,
The Life Chiropractic Team.