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Since our new Life Chiropractic Mobile App launched back in February, it’s fast become the way patients manage & book chiropractic & massage appointments in our Basildon, Southend and Rayleigh clinics.

Just listen to what this regular patient, and Mobile App convert, has to say:

“My work day is so busy, and before I’d always struggle to find time to visit the Life website, or call to get booked in. Now I just use the Mobile App while I’m on the train into London. Takes 60 seconds, and I’m done!”

Life Chiropractic Practitioner Stefan Gospodinov isn’t surprised the Mobile App has taken off so quickly. 

“Over 60% of our patients use their smartphone to visit the Life Chiropractic website. Many of those patients tell me they struggle to keep pace with busy life. Not only that, they’re also looking for new ways, often involving technology, to manage their health”.

“By cleverly including chiropractic and massage booking management & new appointment booking as well as friend referrals and loyalty rewards all under one roof, we’ve made the whole process as pain free as possible. It’s a significant development that is absolutely in tune with modern living.”

Another patient who recently began using the new Life Chiropractic Mobile App said:

“Booking and managing my numerous appointments has become so easy! Often I can’t re-book when I visit for my appointment as I have to check my family diary at home first. Now I use the App in the evening to book in a series of appointments over the coming weeks, all in one hit.  I’d recommend the Mobile App to anyone using Life Chiropractic clinics.” 

If you’d like ultimate flexibility, and be able to manage your appointments anywhere, anytime, it’s about time you downloaded our App.



For more information visit www.lifechiropractic.co.uk/chiropractic-app

P.S Our Mobile App is a ‘text neck’ free zone! Designed to be quick & easy; meaning you can put down your smartphone, and enjoy life!

If you missed our recent Text Neck blog you can still check it out here.  With expert advice to help you and your family improve posture, and stay pain free in the modern digital age.

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