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In the past three years, the number of D-cup bras sold in the UK has doubled, and now accounts for a quarter of all bra sales. Interestingly, at Life Chiropractic we’ve also seen a similar increase in the number of female patients presenting neck and upper back pain; and it’s not hard to see a link between the two.

So, we’ve partnered with specialist lingerie boutique Bustles, and created a Ladies Posture Consultation service designed to remedy D-cup+ neck and back pain for good. Available from Bustles’ luxurious Chartwell Square boutique in Southend the 30 minute consultation is just £19, and will be provided by Jess Kenney, experienced Chiropractor at Life’s Southend clinic.

Why do large breasts affect the neck and back?

According to research breast cup sizes D and above can cause neck and upper back pain by altering the curvature of the spine, and having a negative impact on posture.

Jess Kenney explains; “Large breasts usually cause a significant shift in the centre of gravity, resulting in a number of effects on the musculoskeletal system.  This puts massive pressure on the spinal column, and over time can cause long term back problems.  To begin with this initially presents as nagging neck or back pain, but over time may lead to more serious spinal complications and nerve problems such as a ‘pinched nerve’ or ‘bulging disc’ (herniation).”

Top 5 causes of D-cup+ neck and back pain :

  • Protruding chest and increased back curve
  • Postural adaptations
  • Shifting of the centre of gravity
  • Ill-fitting bras providing little or no support
  • Weight of breasts causing shoulder strap indentions

Expert blogger Rachel at bigbustsupport.com frequently opens up about the vicious cycle of painful health problems related to having a larger bust, and offers lots of first-hand experience and advice to her followers.  She’s certain that through improved posture, and a correctly fitted bra, the vast majority of back and neck problems can be remedied.  She says, “How can you help your back? Straighten up and get the right sized bra!”

If you suffer from neck or upper back pain caused by large breasts, help is available. Book our £19 Ladies Posture Consultation now.

Proven & Trusted
“Large breasts are becoming more and more common for women of all ages, but especially as we age or during pregnancy & breast feeding, says Jess.  “Our role as a trusted family chiropractors is to support our female patients through all of life’s stages.  By correcting posture, and educating ladies on the importance of wearing a well fitted bra, alongside the hands on chiropractic adjustments we provide we hope to help our patients celebrate their shape and live a life free from pain.”


Book your £19 Ladies Posture Consultation with Jess today – call today to arrange an appointment or visit our website to book online.


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*Bigbustsupport is an online news, support and advice website created by self-confessed big busted blogger Rachel.  Her aim is to provide as much useful information as possible to make life easier for fellow big busted women.


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