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Chiropractic during pregnancy and after birth…

Chiropractic helps you prepare your body for birth and feel energised for your baby, in a totally safe and natural way.

Chiropractic is a gentle and safe way to help with; 
• Back pain
• Pelvic pain
• Headaches & neck pain
• Improving postural alignment
• Reduces fatigue

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As any expecting mother knows, pregnancy can be both a beautiful and challenging experience.

As your body changes and adapts to accommodate your growing baby, it’s essential to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself in the best way possible. One fantastic option that more and more expecting mothers are turning to is chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to support your body through the unique challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. By addressing musculoskeletal issues, it can help ensure a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy, a smoother delivery, and a faster recovery. If you’re an expecting mother or a new mom, consider adding chiropractic care to your self-care routine.

Your body (and your baby) will thank you for it.

How Chiropractic during pregnancy helps mums-to-be…

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time, but it can also be a challenging one. 

One of the most common issues faced by pregnant women is back pain. As your baby grows, the added weight and pressure on your spine can lead to pain, discomfort and postural imbalances. Chiropractic care can help alleviate these symptoms by providing gentle adjustments that realign your spine and improve posture.

In addition to back pain, pregnancy can also lead to other discomforts such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Chiropractic care can help manage these symptoms by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. By improving overall health and wellness, chiropractic care can provide a much-needed boost of energy during pregnancy.

Another important benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy is that it can improve the function of the pelvis and pelvic muscles. This is important as it can help create optimal conditions for a smoother, easier delivery.

“When I was pregnant with my first I was diagnosed with pelvic girdle pain which started affecting my everyday life. Seeing Lucy weekly, sometimes twice a week helped maintain my hip alignment and ease the discomfort, right up to week 39 when my son was born.

Can’t thank the clinic and its knowledgable staff enough, they’ve been and always are a fantastic support.”

Testimonial from – Katie Acklam

Video testimonial from one of the mums we treated and supported during pregnancy.

Our Pregnancy Specialists

Treating pregnant patients and babies is a chiropractic specialism. Throughout our clinics, we have a number of chiropractors who are specialists in treating patients during pregnancy, postpartum and babies.

How Chiropractic helps new mums…

As a new mum, your body has gone through a lot of physical and hormonal changes. Childbirth can be a traumatic experience and often leads to pain, discomfort and postural imbalances. Chiropractic care can help address these issues and support you as you navigate the postpartum period.

Postpartum back pain is common as the weight of your baby can cause significant strain on your spine, neck and hips. A chiropractor can perform gentle adjustments to alleviate pain and promote healing.

In addition to physical pain, the hormonal changes that occur after childbirth can cause other issues. For example, stress and anxiety are common postpartum symptoms and can lead to muscle tension and headaches. Chiropractic care can help manage these symptoms by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels.

Finally, chiropractic care can be especially beneficial for women who are breastfeeding. The physical demands of breastfeeding can cause discomfort, especially in the neck and back. A chiropractor can provide adjustments and recommendations for exercises that can help relieve pain and promote better posture while breastfeeding.

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