Suffering for over 20yrs from hereditary back pain meant Victoria was unable for a number of years to do many basic things and enjoy life as a mother. Victoria’s mother Janet at the age of 25 had a back operation to fuse her spine, this worked for a time but the wear and tear of life meant Janet’s back pain returned.

I managed to convince my mother to visit Life Chiropractic Rayleigh to seek some relief and treatment for her back pain. Within a few weeks she noticed a great difference and moved slowly onto maintenance care. Then a couple fo weeks before this video was taken she was involved in a car accident. Without Tom’s help and treatment she would have been left totally immobile.

Chiropractic treatment is so surprising as you almost expect there to be noise and some pain but it’s not like that at all, it’s very gentle and it’s a bit weird that something so simple and does’nt not have a huge impact on you at the time can actually impact your life in such a big way.

The education has been brilliant, they show you on the x-ray where the problems are and how they can help, as well as explaining how they are fixing the problems we have each treatment. It’s then down to our bodies to adjust to those fixes long-term.

This is definitely a way of life and it’s a way of improving your life!


“Everyone is so nice, so friendly and extremely professional.”

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