Having lived for sometime with ongoing backpain I decided to visit a doctor hoping to find a solution. This was not the case and after a period of time looking for a solution I kind of gave up and resigned myself to the pain.

I am an area manager so spend a lot of time in the car, after 2-3hrs spent driving I was in absolute agony and it became almost impossible to get in and out of the car. I was a little apprehensive when I first came to Life Chiropractic Rayleigh clinic as you hear many horror stories about how people are just out to get your money, this was not the case at all and I was really surprised at how friendly everyone was and how valued as a customer I was.

My adjustments started off at four sessions per month with Stefan along with sports massage. This then went down to three sessions and currently I visit twice per month for regular maintenance care. The educational process has been one of the best parts for me as I now understand all the things I was doing wrong before and am able to avoid them now, the staff here have been fantastic helping me understand more.

My one message to anyone thinking about coming is just try it, you have nothing to loose and once you see the benefits and results it’s so so worth it!


“Sports massage might not be the most comfortable thing at the time but believe me it works wonders.”

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