We first starting coming around 6yrs ago now following ongoing pain in the legs that Ellie was suffering with. It was so bad the pain would constantly wake her up due to the cramping in her legs.

A visit to the GP gave us no answers and offered no solutions and it wasn’t until my mother suggested we visited a chiropractor as she had been seeing one for sometime. Within only a couple of weeks of treatment following the initial consultation at the Life Chiropractic Basildon clinic the pain Ellie was suffering started to go. Seeing the positive effect this had on Ellie prompted me to come too as I was suffering back problems at the time.

The whole family have monthly maintenance treatment now and it’s the little adjustments we all receive that make the world of difference to our lives and our ongoing health, we wouldn’t be without it now!


“They are always there for you, if you need them they will fit you in and i think that’s amazing.”

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