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Spinal Awareness Week 2017

Chiropractic for Children – Checking future adults…today!
May 15th – 19th, 2017

This year Spinal Awareness Week is all about “Chiropractic for Children – Checking future adults…today!”.

Through Spinal Awareness Week we want to help promote the huge benefits chiropractic can have on the children within our communities, and how Chiropractic keeps children connected not just within themselves and their health & vitality, but also with their families and friendships. We aim to instil the values of how having our children checked by a chiropractor should be as common place as visiting the dentist, having their hearing or eyesight tested, and maintaining a healthy regime of exercise, nutrition, mental stimulation and rest.

We hope that you will get involved with this years campaign, and find the time to bring your children and yourselves to one of our clinics for a spinal assessment.

Are you new to Chiropractic?

Having treated thousands of people just like you since Life Chiropractic was established back in 2005 (originally called Spinal Care Clinics), we understand that every day, patients visit our chiropractors in Essex, with various symptoms. While your pain or problems may vary, you all share a common desire of living pain-free.

Meet the Life Chiropractic team

We have outstanding Chiropractors complimented with a highly professional support team who all possess a wealth of experience, helping to ensure you have the most fulfilling chiropractic journey possible at our Life Chiropractor Clinics throughout Essex.

Do you suffer with...

We treat a host of different symptoms every single day so you can be sure that our highly experienced and qualified chiropractors will be able to locate the root of your pain and know how to help you.

How we can help...

Helping bring you back to better health is at the core of everything we do, because you’re worth it!. While our range of treatments will ensure you get back to and stay in good overall health you also have access to free support and advice to help you in achieving your health goals.

Our community...

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and we would like to share this with you. Knowledge is power and understanding more about your body is a very powerful indeed.

Your health, your stories...

Some real stories from the very real people we have helped over the years. From back pain, headaches to whiplash here are the stories behind the results we have achieved through chiropractic treatment and massage.

Lisa Dalley & Ellie Jones's Story
"We would'nt be without chiropractic now."
chiropractor essex - lisa dalley chiropractic health story slider image
David Ridpath's Story
"I now understand the importance of good posture."
chiropractor essex - david ridpath chiropractic health story slider image
Sam Tarbuck's Story
"Try it, once you see the results and benefits it's so, so worth it!"
chiropractor essex - sam tarbuck chiropractic health story slider image
Victoria and Janet Gibb's Story
“Everyone is so nice, so friendly and extremely professional.”
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Your journey starts here at our Life Chiropractor Essex Clinics.

“You value your health, you enjoy your lifestyle and understand to keep enjoying it you need to maintain a good level of health and overall wellness. Chiropractic forms an integral part of your overall wellness and will ensure you enjoy doing the things you love for longer.”

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